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Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System and a Farmer in Farm

How Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System Help Farmers During Summer?

In the summer season, water acts as a relief not only for humans but also for Plants. Water helps you keep hydrated. Plants need more hydration during Summers as compared to other seasons.

If they are not well watered then there is a strong chance that they might get dried up and you have to lose your crops. Don’t let that happen Water your plants efficiently by that we don’t mean excess water to your plant. We mean water your plants smartly. How, you ask? With Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System

Digigo E-Soft is a revolution in the Agriculture Water Softener System industry as E-Soft does not require any salt or chemical to soften Hard Water, it converts the Water electronically. Moreover, like many other Water Softener Systems for Agriculture, E-Soft does not waste water in the process of conversion. Every droplet of water is converted without any wastage.

During summer the additional requirement of water can be reduced with the help of Soft Water from Agriculture Water Softener System. Soft Water makes the soil moisturized and so the power of the soil increases and the time between two irrigation cycles also increases. 

The Hard Water contains some harmful minerals for the plant and makes it a little weak, whereas the Soft Water is considered better for plants as it removes the harmful minerals and provides necessary nutritions to the plant. Moreover, due to the Softness in the Water the soil gets rich nourishment and will not require apart from regular water requirements. 

With Agriculture Water Softener System, you will get 100% Soft Water without any particles of Hard Water, so now you can water your plants easily with normal amounts of water and still grow green vegetables. Also, Your plants will be rich in nutrition if they are properly watered with Soft Water. 

Soft Water is highly recommended in the Agriculture Sector as With Soft Water the requirement for pesticides gets reduced and the chemical required to preserve the plant is also reduced to a great extent. 

Here are some testimonials of the Satisfied customers who opted for Agriculture Water Softener System in their farms.

Before reaching to the soil, the Hard Water travels through the irrigation system, it leads to left out water deposits, which reduces the water delivery efficiency. After some time, there is a high chance that the watering paths may get blocked, this is faced in many cases of drip irrigation systems. 

Farmers must deal with this by continually unclogging emitters and other components of their delivery systems. Oftentimes they only realize there’s an issue after plants start to yellow and wither.

With plants that are already weakened by reduced soil quality and difficulties with nutrient uptake, they may suffer irreversible damage by the time a grower realizes that a sprinkler or drip system isn’t working properly. 

This problem does not arise with Soft Water as the Soft Water does not log in the equipment and will make the flow smooth towards the plants. Moreover, the equipment is not spoiled due to bacterias which is a common case with the use of Hard Water.

As fields are irrigated and water either evaporates or is absorbed into plants and deep into the ground, the soil is left with all the dissolved mineral salts-calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, various bicarbonates, etc.-carried by the water.

In areas where there isn’t a lot of rain to flush out this excess salt, it accumulates, and the salinity of the soil steadily increases. Over time, this hardens the soil. If you’ve ever been out in a dry region and come across hardpan or caliche, this is the end result of soil that’s been exposed to large amounts of hard water over a long period of time.

The buildup of salt causes the soil to bind together, becoming cement-like in extreme cases. When soil has become hardened, water and important nutrients can’t reach plant roots. Consequently, crops fail to thrive, become more susceptible to pests and disease and have lower yields. 

But with Soft Water, the soil gets extra nutrients and the problem of erosion is also solved. Say goodbye to bad quality of soil and get ready to cultivate with the full efficiency of the soil. 

So, are you going to install Agriculture Water Softener System this summer to grow fresh, green and healthy crops and save your equipment from Hard Water?

Modern Water Treatment ESoft Water Softener for Agriculture

Modern Farmers Deserve Modern Water Treatment : ESoft Water Softener for Agriculture

As a progressive Indian farmer, you know the drill – early mornings tending to your lush agricultural fields or meticulously maintaining those high-tech net houses and sanctuary farms. You’ve invested heavily in creating the ideal controlled environment for your precious crops to flourish. But among all these efforts, are you overlooking one critical element that could make or break your farming success? The quality of the water you use!

The Risk of Hard Water in Net House Farming

While hard water laden with dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium may not seem like a big deal, it can severely impact the health and growth of your plants, especially the delicate varieties grown in net houses. Here’s how hard water plays spoilsport:

  1. Nutrient Deficiency: Hard water minerals can bind with essential nutrients in the soil, making them unavailable for plant absorption leading to deficiencies.
  2. Barrier in Growth: The mineral buildup clogs the tiny pores in plant roots, hindering proper nutrient and water uptake needed for strong growth.
  3. Sensitive Disease: Weakened by nutrient deprivation, plants become more vulnerable to pests and diseases, forcing increased pesticide and insecticide use.
  4. Irrigation Clogging: What about those expensive drip lines, pipes and sprinklers in your micro-irrigation system? Hard water scales can completely clog them over time.
  5. Soil Degradation: Continuous hard water usage makes soil lose its fertile, moisture-retaining properties leading to poor drainage and increased salinity.

E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener: The Greenhouse Grower’s Support System!

But worry not, E-Soft’s revolutionary water softening technology is here to transform your net house and soil-based farming operations! As India’s #1 water softener for agriculture brand, E-Soft utilizes an advanced mineral neutralizing process to remove hardness caused by bigger size calcium and magnesium minerals.

Here’s how E-Soft’s soft water softener for farming waves its magic over your farm:
  1. Stronger Roots: By breaking down large mineral particles into micron-sized molecules, E-Soft water softener allows hassle-free nutrient absorption through the pores of tender plant roots.
  2. Thriving Plants: With uninterrupted nutrient and water intake, your crops get all the nourishment needed for lush foliage growth and higher yields.
  3. Reduced Pesticide Usage: Stronger, healthier plants are more resistant to pests and diseases, allowing you to drastically cut down on expensive pesticides and insecticides by up to 70%!
  4. Cost Savings: Not just pesticides, with soft water you end up saving on fertilizers as well! Nutrients are better absorbed from water itself.
  5. Water Conservation: E-Soft’s soft water increases your soil’s moisture-holding capacity, reducing the frequency of water intensive irrigation cycles.
  6. Soil Rejuvenation: Say goodbye to soil salinity and nutrient depletion – soft water prevents mineral accumulation, keeping your land fertile for years.
  7. Clean Micro Irrigation: No more mineral clogging issues in those drip pipes or sprinklers, allowing efficient water dispersion throughout your fields.

Need more convincing? Allow a fellow farmer’s roaring testimonial to be the proof of our words.

By adopting E-Soft’s Water Softener for Agriculture, you’re not only enhancing your farm’s productivity but also supporting sustainable agricultural practices. With reduced environmental impact through water conservation, decreased chemical usage, minimized land and water pollution, and prevention of soil salinity, you’re actively contributing to a greener, healthier planet.

E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture: The Ultimate AgriTech Advantage

In today’s competitive agricultural landscape technology is key to staying ahead of the curve. E-Soft’s innovative water softening systems give you that much-needed competitive edge by optimizing your farming operations.

Whether you run a large net house facility or a modest soil-based farm, E-Soft offers tailor-made water softener for farming to cater to your unique requirements. You can explore a range of residential, industrial and agricultural water softeners.

So, don’t let hard water hold back your farming dreams any longer. Invest in an E-Soft water softener for agriculture today and experience a greener revolution.

Contact us to learn more about our agricultural water softening technology and product offerings. Let’s join hands in growing a greener, more prosperous future for Indian agriculture!

Fruit farming and fruit using Agriculture Water Softener.

Fruit Farming is not Possible in 2024…If You Don’t Have E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener!

From the mouth-watering mangoes to the flavorful bananas of the south, India boasts a rich horticultural heritage. Our nation’s fertile lands and hardworking farmers have gifted us vibrant varieties of fruits, vegetables, and ornamental crops. However, even as horticulture flourishes, many growers face challenges because of hard water.

Impact of Hard Water on Soil 4

Hard water loaded with minerals like calcium and magnesium, can be an obstacle in the growth of horticulture farming. These minerals can accumulate in soil, clogging plant roots and hindering nutrient absorption. Scaling and clogging of irrigation systems are also common, leading to breakdowns and costly repairs. Moreover, hard water can reduce the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers, forcing farmers to use excessive amounts – a burden on their pockets and the environment.

Fortunately, there’s a simple and sustainable solution: E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener

Agriculture Water Softener at Farm
Agriculture Water Softener at Farm

E-Soft’s innovative water softening system implements the power of low-frequency electronic pulses to break down hard minerals into microscopic particles. These tiny particles are easily absorbed by plants, providing essential nutrients without the risk of soil clogging or equipment damage.

By implementing an E-Soft hard water softener for agriculture, horticultural farmers can unlock a world of benefits:

Benefits of Agriculture Water Softener in Fruit Farming (Horticulture Farming)

  1. Healthier Plants: With soft water, plants can effectively absorb nutrients, leading to stronger roots, vibrant foliage, and prosperous yields.
  2. Superior Fruit Quality: Soft water enhances the flavor, texture, and appearance of fruits, delivering a product that commands premium prices in the market.
  3. Water and Nutrient Efficiency: By eliminating mineral buildup, E-Soft’s water softening system for agriculture ensures optimal water and nutrient utilization, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  4. Extended Equipment Life: With no scaling or clogging, irrigation systems, pumps, and other equipment enjoy longer lifespans, minimizing costly repairs and replacements.
  5. Cost Savings: By enhancing the efficacy of fertilizers and pesticides, E-Soft’s technology can reduce input costs by up to 70%, significantly boosting profitability for farmers.
  6. Environmental Stewardship: With reduced chemical usage and water conservation, E-Soft’s solutions align with sustainable horticultural practices, promoting a greener future.

Fruitful benefits of E-Soft’s water softening technology extend far beyond. By embracing this innovative solution, horticultural farmers can unlock a world of opportunities – from increased yields and superior product quality to substantial cost savings and environmental responsibility.

At Digigo, we understand the challenges faced by India’s hardworking farming community, and we’re committed to providing world’s only 5th generation water softener systems that cater to their needs. Our water softeners for agriculture are tailored to the unique requirements of horticultural operations, ensuring optimal performance and maximum returns on investment.

Installation of Digigo Esoft Agriculture Water Softener at Sidhhapur Farm.

As India’s number one agriculture water softener provider, we take pride in our customer-centric approach, offering reliable support and expert guidance every step of the way. Join the growing community of satisfied farmers who have reaped the rewards of our hard water softeners and water softening systems.

To our fellow horticultural farmers, we offer a heartfelt invitation: get the power of E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener and unlock a future of bountiful harvests, enhanced sustainability, and financial prosperity. Together, we can nurture a fruitful tomorrow for India’s agricultural legacy.

Testimonial Of DIGIGO E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener at Fruit Farm

E-soft Agriculture Water Softener Testimonial at Fruit Farm
How E-Soft Water Softener Help in Dairy Farming

More Milk, More Money with E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture [Dairy Farming]

As a proud dairy farmer in India, you know that the secret to a successful dairy business lies in the health and productivity of your cattle. From providing nutritious feed to ensuring proper shelter and care, you leave no stone unturned in creating an ideal environment for your precious herd to thrive.

However, among all these efforts, there is one crucial factor that often gets overlooked – the quality of water your animals consume daily. You see, hard water, which contains high levels of dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium, can have harmful effects on your animals’ well-being and milk output. But fret not, for there’s a simple yet highly effective solution – investing in a reliable water softener for dairy farming!

The Hard Water Problems in Dairy Farming

Before we delve into the benefits of soft water in dairy farming, let’s understand how hard water can create problem in your dairy operations:

Digestive Distress: Hard water can disrupt the delicate digestive system of cattle, leading to issues like constipation, diarrhea, and nutrient malabsorption. This, in turn, affects their overall health and productivity.

Reduced Water Intake: The unpleasant taste and mineral content of hard water often discourage cattle from drinking enough, leading to dehydration and decreased milk yield.

Poor Milk Quality: Minerals present in hard water can alter the composition of milk, affecting its taste, fat content, and overall quality.

Equipment Corrosion: The high mineral levels in hard water can cause scale buildup and corrosion in milking equipment, watering troughs, and pipelines, necessitating frequent repairs and replacements.

Enter E-Soft Water Softener for Dairy Farm: The Dairy Farmer’s Best Friend

Established as India’s #1 water softener brand, E-Soft offers cutting-edge water softening technology that can transform your dairy farming operations. By removing hardness-causing minerals through a mineral neutralizing process, E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture delivers soft, pure water throughout your farm, unlocking bundles of benefits:

Increased Water Intake: With the improved taste and quality of soft water, your cattle will be encouraged to drink more, ensuring proper hydration and aiding digestion.

Boosted Milk Production: Numerous dairy farmers have reported a remarkable 50% increase in milk yield per milking after switching to soft water from Digigo E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture!

Enhanced Milk Quality: Not only does soft water increase milk production, but it also improves the fat content and overall quality of the milk. Many farmers have witnessed a surge in milk fat levels, from 28-30% to an impressive 38-40%!

Improved Animal Health: By facilitating better digestion and hydration, soft water contributes to a remarkable 70% improvement in the overall health and well-being of your animals.

Extended Equipment Life: With soft water, you can bid farewell to mineral buildup and corrosion, ensuring your milking equipment, pipelines, and troughs last longer and operate more efficiently.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what one of our satisfied clients, a renowned dairy farmer, has to say about the transformative impact of E-Soft water softener for Agriculture:

By investing in an E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture tailored explicitly for agricultural industry, you’re not just ensuring the well-being of your cattle but also safeguarding the long-term success and profitability of your dairy farming business.

The Choice is Clear: ESoft Water Softener for Agriculture [Diary Farming]

In the competitive world of dairy farming, every advantage counts. By addressing the often-overlooked issue of hard water, you can gain a significant edge over your competitors. E-Soft’s innovative water softening technology for Agriculture and dairy farming empowers you to:

  • Maximize milk production and fat
  • Enhance animal health and well-being
  • Optimize operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Ensure long-lasting, reliable farm equipment

With such a comprehensive set of benefits, investing in an E-Soft agriculture water softener is a no-brainer for any forward-thinking dairy farmer committed to sustainable growth and profitability.

Don’t let hard water hold your dairy farming dreams back any longer. Embrace the power of soft water and witness your cattle, milk output, and bottom line flourish like never before. After all, in the world of dairy, every drop of soft water counts!

Elevate your dairy farming operations to new heights with E-Soft Water Softeners – India’s trusted name in industrial, residential, commercial and agricultural water softening solutions.

Digigo Esoft Water Softener for Agriculture
Digigo ESoft-Water Softener for Dairy Farming

Visit Digigo to learn more about our tailored offerings and embark on a journey towards unlimited dairy success!

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Why Digigo ESoft is the Best Agriculture Water Softener in 2024?

From seed to Harvest: How E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener Empowers Modern Agriculture

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનરની મદદથી પાણી બદલો, ખેતી બદલો!

Water Day Save Water with Water Softener

How to Save Water Efficiently and How can E-Soft Water Softener Help You in Various Sectors?

Water is one of the most precious boons to human life as well as to all the organisms on Planet Earth. Water is really valuable is what people say but we often see these people wasting the water. Would you consider it a two faced person? We will. Water is invaluable as there is no alternative of water and water on Earth is limited and is decreasing day by day because of unnecessary use and increase in wastage of Water.

So, today on the auspicious day of Water Day we are gonna give you ideas regarding how to save water and how Esoft Water Softener help you to save water. 

How can you Save Water in the Agriculture Sector? 

Agriculture sector is a sector which is fully dependent on Water. Without water, Agriculture could not work even a little bit. The maximum amount of water usage is done in the agriculture sector. The Agriculture Sector is engaged in producing crops and one can’t grow crops without sufficient supply of water. Here are some ways to help you save water while still you can produce crops easily. 

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to provide crops with the necessary water and nutrients for optimal growth. This method delivers water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant in precise amounts and at the right time. As a result, farmers can achieve higher yields while using less water, fertilizer, and energy. Drip irrigation allows for precise and targeted application of resources, reducing waste and maximizing the efficiency of water and nutrient use in agriculture. 

Water Harvesting

Water harvesting and reuse systems are designed to collect and store runoff and storm water, which can be used later for various purposes. These systems have local benefits, such as reducing runoff volume and preventing water quality degradation downstream. 

Dry Farming

Dry farming is a method of crop production that does not rely on irrigation during dry seasons, but instead utilizes moisture stored in the soil from the previous rainy season. It is a location-specific, low-input strategy for growing crops within the constraints of the climate. In this approach, a crop may receive minimal irrigation or none at all. 

Crops Resistant to Drought

Farmers can enhance their crop productivity per unit of water by cultivating crops that are well-suited to the local climate. Drought-resistant crops are particularly advantageous, as they can reduce the risk of crop failure during periods of water scarcity, improve overall yields, and enhance economic stability for farmers. 

How can E-Soft Water Softener Help in Agriculture? 

Normal water used in agriculture is considered as hard water, which can destroy your precious crops and soak away the beneficial nutrition from it. That is when Digigo water softener can help.

Installation of Digigo Esoft Agriculture Water Softener at Sidhhapur Farm.

When the plants are sprinkled with Hard Water, the water left on land evaporates at a great rate resulting in Water Loss. Due to this we have to water more as compared to the regular time intervals. This is in the case of Hard Water, when Soft Water is sprinkled then the land gets Soft and the water is stored in the moisture making it more efficient and hence, less water is required.

It saves almost 40% of Water, so to save the Water E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture is the most reliable and best System to save Water. Hard Water makes the land hard and hence, the Water does not go to the roots deeply and evaporation occurs. Soft land because of Soft Water makes water reach roots properly and requirement of Water decreases.

Esoft water softener can easily convert your hard water into soft water. This soft water will soothe your plants and will help them grow rapidly. Soft water from Digigo can increase the lifespan of your plant and can increase yield up to 50%*. It will also save many liters of water. 

How can you Save Water in the Industrial Sector?

Industrial sector is one of the pioneers in the usage of Water. Industries highly depend on Water for production. Huge amounts of Water is used in  the production and the water is destroyed with harmful particles and then dumped which causes Water Pollution and disturbs Mother Earth. The Ways to reduce water wastage in the industrial sector are given below. 

Reuse Water

Many applications of water in industrial facilities have options for reusing water. Examples include condensate from boilers and blowdown water from cooling towers. Reusing used Water can help reduce Water requirement and hence, can solve the problem of Excessive Water Requirement. 

Protection System against Water Loss

Protect your industrial systems against water loss to reduce the need to add water. As noted, fixing leaks is essential. However, preventing leaks is just as critical. The water chemistry plays a role in preventing leaks inside closed loop systems, cooling towers and boilers. These systems can save a lot of Money and Water in the long run. 

Don’t Dump Unfiltered Water in the Open Environment

While doing the production the industries tend to make the Water impure in the production. This unfiltered bad Water is mostly dumped in the Open rivers or Environment which can cause a lot of Water Pollution, Air Pollution and Land Pollution. The dumping of Water should be done only after treating it and making it clean otherwise it can destroy nature. 

Replacing Small Components

Where possible, use high-pressure, low volume hoses, nozzles, and spray heads for cleaning and rinsing units, or wherever appropriate. Automatic shutoff nozzles can also help to reduce water waste, especially for manual hoses and sprayers used for cleaning purposes. These types of changes typically entail minimal investment and deliver immediate cost savings. 

How can you Save Water with E-Soft Water Softener for Industry? 

Industries require Soft Water for production. With the installation of Esoft Water Softener for Industry, the requirement of Soft Water will be fulfilled and Digigo water softener does not waste a single drop of Water during the Water conversion process so no amount of Water is wasted and no chemicals are used to convert Hard Water into Soft Water with E-Soft Industrial Water Softener making it Environment Friendly.

Digigo Industrial Water Softener Installation at FCG Hi Tech Pvt. Ltd. Vapi.

Hard Water has to be replaced again and again to keep the cooling chamber working. But in the case of Soft Water, you don’t require a regular chance. Many industries use RO water and hence, it creates a lot of wastage of water, this unuseful water can be softened again and hence, can be used in work. It can replace RO and Raisin based Water Softener, if the water quality in a region is more appropriate. 

How can you Save Water in the Commercial Sector? 

Commercial sector also uses Water on a daily basis. It includes Washing, cleaning, laundering and many more tasks. Here are some ways to Save Water in the Commercial Sector. 

Regulate Water Pressure

Water pressure levels can be a great indicator of your commercial building’s overall plumbing health. Ideally, building water pressure should be between 65-80 psi, anything above that range can damage fixtures and increase the chance of pipe bursts. When the pressure is high then more amount of Water is used. So, use Water on low pressure mode to save Water. 

Install Water Monitoring Smart Technology

With a smart monitoring system, you have access to your property’s hourly, daily, and monthly water consumption data. Property water consumption is also broken down into metrics like average gallons per day, estimated cost per year, and estimated cost per square foot or unit per year. Having this kind of information can assist with facility benchmarking efforts, as well as illustrate the efficiency of water use best practices. Water flow meter also helps you determine the amount of water used as well as wastage of Water. 

Install Rain Sensors on Irrigation

If your property has an irrigation system, installing rain sensors can be one of the easiest ways to save water. When precipitation is detected, rain sensors place a stop on your irrigation system to reduce unnecessary watering. As soon as the rain stops, the rain sensors will turn off and resume the irrigation system’s programmed schedule. 

Insulate Piping

In many existing buildings, domestic hot water pipes are either uninsulated, or done so improperly. Consequently, building water users are required to wait for hot water to flow, resulting in considerable water waste. In addition to conservation through the immediate delivery of hot water, proper pipe insulation can also reduce energy consumption by controlling heat loss. 

How can you Save Water with Esoft Commercial Water Softener? 

With Esoft Commercial Water Softener, you will get Soft Water for the usage in the Commercial Sector which will be beneficial for you. The Soft Water from Digigo E-Soft will be helpful in cleaning as well as washing.

Easy Installation of Digigo Water Softeners at various places

The soft Water from water softener will make the cleaning process efficient and effective as a result less water will be required. Moreover, The water required for laundering will be reduced as Soft Water will easily remove the dirt. Hard Water results in producing scales in your appliances which can result in leakage hence, water loss. So, with Soft Water from water softener no chance of scale, no chance of leakage and no chance of Water Wastage.

There is less leakage in the lines of Soft water. 200% of savings in water used for cleaning utensils and laundry. Due to reduction in Water Logging, water wastage is reduced. Moreover, it helps in landscaping too. Soft Water used in Swimming pools can also be reused. The task of Water cleaning also becomes easy with Soft Water. 

How can you Save Water in the Residential Sector? 

Unnecessary Water usage is a major problem in the Residential Sector, huge amounts are wasted for cleaning and washing activities at home. Here are some ways which can help you save Water. 

Check your toilet for leaks

Put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the coloring begins to appear in the bowl, you have a leak that may be wasting more than 100 gallons of water a day. 

Take shorter showers

A typical shower uses five to ten gallons of water a minute. Limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down and rise off. 

Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors

Your hardware or plumbing supply store stocks inexpensive shower heads or flow restrictors that will cut your shower flow to about three gallons a minute instead of five to ten. They are easy to install, and your showers will still be cleansing and refreshing. 

If you wash dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing

If you have two sinks, fill one with rinse water. If you have only one sink, first gather all your washed dishes in a dish rack, then rinse them quickly with a spray device or a pan of water. By doing this you can save a lot of Water which usually goes wasted by flowing into the sink without any usage. 

How can Esoft Water Softener for Home Save Water in Residential Sector? 

E-Soft Water Softener for Home will convert the Hard Water into the Soft Water as a result Water flowing from your pipe will be Soft and efficient for work.

Water Softener for Home installation at Maharana

This Soft Water will be suitable for the cleaning process as the lather will be made and dirt will be removed easily. Moreover, the Soap Scum will be easily washed and the requirement of Water to remove the Soap Scum will be less. Due to easy removal of dirt, Water saving increases.

E-Soft Agriculture water softener.

Why Digigo ESoft is the Best Agriculture Water Softener in 2024?

Normal water used in agriculture is considered as hard water, which can destroy your precious plants/crops and soak away the beneficial nutrition from it. That is when Digigo E-Soft Agriculture water softener can act as a superhero. Our product can easily convert your hard water into soft water within a few seconds. This soft water will soothe your plants and will help them grow rapidly. Hard water to soft water converter for agriculture E-Soft can increase the lifespan of your plant and can increase yield up to 50%*. It will also save many liters of water. 

How will it save water usage?

Water is really valuable especially in the agriculture sector because all the production depends on the water. All the in take depends on water. The usage of water is high in the agriculture sector. But in some regions the water is not densely available. Many liters of water go into waste in agriculture. But our product can save water. When our product will convert hard water into soft water, the soil will get fertilized as well as the carbon content will be improved from the soft water, resulting in less water requirement saving tons of money. 

How will it save money?

Our soft water will help you save a lot of money as our product will make your soil healthy as well as fertilized which will result in less requirement of fertilizer and less usage of water which will result in huge savings of money. It will also balance the pH level of water which will result in high quality soil. 

Why is it important to balance the pH level of water?

The pH level of water is required to be balanced in order to make soil nourished and to avail proper nutrients from soil. Moreover, you’ll get greener plants, with better quality of life and extra nutrients which will be beneficial for consumer’s health. Nutrients will not dissolve if the soil is too acidic in nature. To get the best quality of plants you are required to maintain the pH level of soil. To maintain the pH level of soil you require Digigo E-soft water softener for agriculture

What would happen if the pH level of water is not balanced?

If the pH level of water is not balanced or not properly maintained it will create a ruckus resulting in unhealthy crops, reduced production, soil defamation and many more problems. It will severely damage the crop and reduce essential nutrients from it. Moreover, the quality of production will be less and the quantity too. In simple words, if you compromise the pH of soil you will indirectly compromise the quality and quantity of your crops/plants. 

Why is E-Soft Agriculture water softener suitable for your plants?

Digigo is India’s only manufacturer of advanced Water Softener System technology E-Soft, which breaks down minerals and converts active ions into neutral form resulting in an efficient product for your precious plants/crops.

Agriculture water softener

Our product will encourage your plants and will help them grow greener and make their roots stronger. If you love your plants you are definitely gonna love Digigo E-Soft.  

Why shouldn’t you use Digigo?

  1. If you don’t support made in India products. 
  2. If you don’t want healthy plants. 
  3. If you want to waste water. 
  4. If you want to destroy your soil. 
  5. If you want bad quality of plants. 
  6. If you want to reduce your production. 

Why should you use Digigo? 

  1. Reliable 
  2. Trust 
  3. Made in India 
  4. Best in market 
  5. Farmer approved 
  6. Great results
Moden Agriculture with Agriculture Water Softener

From Seed to Harvest: How E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener Empowers Modern Agriculture

For generations, Indian farmers have contended with the challenges of hard water in their fields. These hidden minerals, while seemingly innocuous, pose a significant threat to soil health, crop yields, and ultimately, farmer’s income. Fortunately, innovative solutions like E-Soft’s Hard water to soft water converter for agriculture are emerging to rewrite the story, offering a path towards sustainable and bountiful harvests. 

Let’s learn the role of E-Soft in the six steps of farming from ploughing to harvesting. E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener can transform the whole of farming along with doubling the income of farmers.

Impact of Agriculture Water Softener in Farming

Soft Water Ploughing

The journey begins with ploughing the land. Hard water, with its high mineral content, can clump soil particles, making it difficult to achieve a fine, even tilth. E-Soft Agricultural Water Softener comes to the rescue by providing soft water, which effortlessly mixes with soil, making it porous and breathable ensuring optimal seedbed preparation and laying the foundation for healthy plant growth.

Nurturing Seeds 

Sowing seeds is an act of hope. However hard water can hinder this hope by reducing the soil’s ability to retain moisture. E-Soft water softener changes the game. By providing soft water, it enhances the soil’s water-holding capacity, ensuring vital moisture, allowing oxygen and nitrogen to reach the newly planted seeds, promoting germination and fostering vigorous seedling development.

Nutrients with Soft Water

The claim that soft water eliminates the need for fertilizer entirely is a topic of ongoing research and debate. Softened water can indeed improve nutrient uptake by plants. However, there’s no denying the benefits of E-Soft water softener in enhancing land fertility. E-Soft breaks down the minerals into 0.5 microns and this way minerals do not block the surface. The same minerals that were a nuisance are now converted into fertilizer. Due to the availability of nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium, Oxygen, and Nitrogen in the water; the plant reduces the need for outside nutrients. E-Soft reduces overall 70% of the fertilizer requirements.

Efficient Irrigation

Irrigation is the lifeblood of agriculture, and hard water can be its silent destroyer. Minerals accumulate in pipes and equipment, hindering water flow and reducing irrigation efficiency. E-Soft water softener acts as a guardian, preventing salt build-up and keeping pipes clean. This ensures smooth water flow, optimizes sprinkler and drip irrigation performance, and minimizes water wastage. E-Soft has succeeded in saving a crucial resource in today’s world: WATER!

Protecting Your Crops

Hard water acts as a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial diseases. Excess mineral content creates an ideal environment for the emergence of these diseases, which lead to leaf spots as well as yellow spots, root rot and other plant diseases. After watering with E-Soft, plants get nutrients like Oxygen, Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium from the water itself. Hence the crop plants become stronger and the immunity of the crop increases which eventually keeps plants healthy by preventing the yellowing of crop plants.

Maximizing Your Harvest

Hard water doesn’t stop at pipes. It can also impact plant health, leading to yellowing and stunted growth. Soft water, on the other hand, promotes vibrant foliage and robust plant development. By combating the harmful effects of hard water, E-Soft water softener strengthens the roots of the crops and the immune system of the plants has been increased. Eventually, it improves crop quality and productivity by 10% to 50%. Overall, E-Soft agriculture water softener can be a valuable tool for farmers who are looking to improve their crop productivity and profitability.

Increased Income and Sustainability

The culmination of these benefits lies in the harvest. By nurturing soil health, enhancing water utilization, and promoting healthy plant growth, E-Soft Agriculture water softener paves the way for bountiful harvests. This translates to a 50% increased income for farmers, empowering them to invest in further agricultural development and ensure the sustainability of their land for generations to come.

Future of Agriculture with E-Soft

Investing in E-Soft water softener for agriculture is not just about acquiring a product; it’s about embracing a future of sustainable and efficient agriculture. By harnessing the power of soft water, you can till with ease, nurture your seeds with confidence, unlock the full potential of your soil, and reap the rewards of a flourishing harvest. Contact us today and discover how E-Soft can transform your farm from the ground up.

Change Water Chnage Farming with Agriculture Water Softener

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનરની મદદથી પાણી બદલો, ખેતી બદલો!

સિંચાઈ અને  પાણી

શું તમે ક્યારેય વિચાર્યું છે કે શા માટે… 

  • ખૂબ મહેનત કરવા છતાં, પાક તેમની સંપૂર્ણ ક્ષમતાએ ઊગી શકતો નથી? 
  • શા માટે તમારા છોડ નિરાશાજનક ઉપજમાં ડૂબી ગયા હોય તેવું લાગે છે?
  • શા માટે વારંવાર સિંચાઇ કરવા છતાં જમીન શુષ્ક થઈ જાય છે?

આનો જવાબ છે પાકને પોષણ આપનારા પાણીમાં…

નિરાશ ન થાઓ! આ બ્લોગ તમારો માર્ગદર્શક છે. અમે તમને બતાવીશું કે હાર્ડ વૉટર સમસ્યાઓને કેવી રીતે શોધવી, તેની યુક્તિઓ સામે લડવું, અને તમારા ધૂળવાળા ક્ષેત્રોને સમૃદ્ધ ખેતીમાં ફેરવવું. 

સખત પાણીના પડકારો 
સિંચાઈમાં ક્ષાર: 

જ્યારે તમે ખારા પાણીથી સિંચાઈ કરો છો ત્યારે તમે કિંમતી છોડને માત્ર ક્ષાર આપી રહ્યા છો. ખનિજો, ખાસ કરીને કેલ્શિયમ અને મેગ્નેશિયમ, તમારી જમીનમાં મીઠાની જેમ કાર્ય કરે છે. જે મૂળમાંથી ભેજને દૂર કરે છે અને પ્રતિકૂળ વાતાવરણ બનાવે છે. આને પરિણામે વૃદ્ધિમાં રુકાવટ, મુરઝાયેલા પાંદડા, અને છેવટે, ઉપજમાં ઘટાડો થાય છે. 

છોડમાં ચેપનો ફેલાવો:

ખારું પાણી ફૂગ અને બેક્ટેરિયલ રોગો માટે સંવર્ધન ભૂમિ તરીકે કાર્ય કરે છે. વધુ પડતાં મીનરલ્સનું પ્રમાણ આ રોગોના ઉદ્ભવ માટે એક આદર્શ વાતાવરણ ઊભું કરે છે, જે પાંદડામાં ફોલ્લીઓ તેમજ પીળા ડાઘ, મૂળમાં સડો અને અન્ય છોડની બિમારીઓ તરફ દોરી જાય છે.

Image of closeup shot of a leaf with visible fungal infections and brown spots

[દૃશ્યમાન ફંગલ ચેપ અને ભૂરા ફોલ્લીઓવાળા પાંદડાનો ક્લોઝઅપ શોટ]

પાણીનો ઉપયોગ: 

ખારા પાણીનો અર્થ એ નથી કે તમે ઓછા પાણીનો ઉપયોગ કરી રહ્યા છો. વિપરીત તમે પાણીનો અતિશય બગાડ કરી રહ્યા છો. આ પાણીના નબળા શોષણને કારણે, ખારા પાણીને મૂળ સુધી પહોંચવા માટે વધુ તેમજ વારંવાર સિંચાઈની જરૂર પડે છે. આથી પાણીનો વપરાશ અને વ્યયમાં વધારો થાય છે.

ક્ષારનો જમાવ:

હાર્ડ વોટર જ્યાં પણ વહે છે ત્યાં તેની પાતળુ સ્તર પાછળ છોડી દે છે. તમારી સિંચાઈ પ્રણાલીમાં, આ ખનિજોનો જમાવ કરે છે, જેને સ્કેલ તરીકે પણ ઓળખવામાં આવે છે. આ જમાવ પાઈપો, નોઝલ અને માઇક્રો ઇરિગેશન પર માઠી અસર કરે છે. એટલું જ નહિ આ બ્લૉકેજ પાણીના પ્રવાહને બંધ અને પ્રતિબંધિત કરી શકે છે, તમારી સિસ્ટમની કાર્યક્ષમતાને ઘટાડી શકે છે અને પાણી વિતરણની એકરૂપતાને અસર કરી શકે છે.

મશીનરી જાળવણી: 

હાર્ડ વોટર ફક્ત તમારા પાક પર જ નહીં પરંતુ તમારા મોંઘા સાધનો પર પણ પાયમાલી કરે છે. ખનિજોનો જમાવ પંપ, વાલ્વ અને સ્પ્રિંકલરમાં થાય છે, જેનાથી જાળવણી ખર્ચ વધે અને જીવનકાળ ઘટે છે. સમય જતાં, ખનિજોનો જમાવ સમગ્ર સિંચાઈ પ્રણાલીને નુકસાન પહોંચાડી શકે છે, જેમાં મોંઘા સમારકામ અથવા તો સંપૂર્ણ ફેરબદલની જરૂર પડે છે. 

આ તો કૃષિમાં ખારા પાણીની કઠોર વાસ્તવિકતાઓની માત્ર એક ઝલક છે. પરંતુ આ સમસ્યાઓની વચ્ચે પણ આશાને સ્થાન છે.

સોફ્ટ વોટરના ઉકેલ 
જમીનમાં ભેજનું સ્તર:

નરમ પાણી, તેના શ્રેષ્ઠ શોષણ અને સમાનરૂપે જમીનમાં ભેજના વિતરણ માટે લાભદાયી છે. આ રીતે જમીન છિદ્રાળુ અને પોચી બને છે અને જમીનની ભેજધારણશક્તિ વધે છે. પરિણામે નરમ પાણી તમારા છોડ માટે હાઇડ્રેટેડ સ્વર્ગ ઊભું કરે છે; જેથી બે સીંચજઐ વચ્ચેણો અંતરાળ વધે છે. 

માટીનું બંધારણ: 

નરમ પાણી, તેના સૌમ્ય સ્પર્શથી, માટીના ઢેફાંને જર્જરિત બનાવી તોડે છે. આ રીતે જમીનને શ્વાસ લેવાની અને ખીલવાની મોકળાશ મળે છે. અંતે જમીનનું ધોવાણ થતું અટકે છે. 

છોડના મજબૂત મૂળ:

મૂળ તમારા છોડના એન્કર તરીકે કામ કરે છે. સોફ્ટ વોટર, પોષક તત્વોના શોષણ અને માટીના સ્વાસ્થ્યને પ્રોત્સાહન પૂરું પાડે છે. આ મજબૂત, સ્થિતિસ્થાપક મૂળ તંત્ર કોઈપણ પડકાર સામે અડગ રહે છે.

સિંચાઈ પ્રણાલીમાં સ્વચ્છતા:

શુદ્ધિકરણની જેમ નરમ પાણી, જીવન આપનાર તથા પાણીના સરળ પ્રવાહને જાળવી રાખનાર સાબિત થયું છે. નરમ પાણી સિંચાઈને અંદરથી ચોખ્ખી રાખે છે. કલ્પના કરો કે તમારી સિંચાઈ પ્રણાલી દોષરહિત રીતે કાર્ય કરી રહી છે, અને  દરેક તરસ્યા છોડને સમાન તથા કાર્યક્ષમ રીતે કિંમતી પાણી પહોંચાડે છે.

હરિયાળું વાવેતર:

નરમ પાણી, તેના સૌમ્ય સ્પર્શથી છોડના પાંદડા પીળા પડતાં અટકાવે છે અને છોડને નવું જીવનદાન આપે છે. તમારા ખેતરમાં નીલમણિ ઘાસના મેદાનો, સમૃદ્ધ ખેતરો અને લીલાછમ પાકનું ચિત્રણ ઊભું કરે છે.

માઇક્રો ઇરિગેશનની કાર્યક્ષમતા અને આયુષ્ય:

સોફ્ટ વોટર ક્ષાર જમાવ અને લાગતા કાટને અટકાવીને, સિંચાઇતંત્રની કાર્યક્ષમતાને મહત્તમ કરે છે અને તમારા મૂલ્યવાન સાધનોના જીવનકાળને લંબાવે છે.

આ ફક્ત તમારા ખેતરમાં નરમ પાણીની અજાયબીઓની એક ઝલક છે. યાદ રાખો, ખારું પાણી એ તમારું ભાગ્ય નથી;એ એક પડકાર છે!

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર: પાકનો રક્ષક 
ઓછા ખનિજનું તેમજ ક્ષારનું નિર્માણ:

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર રણભૂમિમાં ચમકતા ઘોડાની જેમ કામ કરે છે. મિનરલ જમાવના ત્રાસ પર વિજય મેળવે છે. આ વૉટર સોફ્ટનર કચરો ભરાયેલી સિંચાઈ પ્રણાલીઓને વિદાય આપી, સરળ અને કાર્યક્ષમ પાણીના પ્રવાહને આવકારે છે જે તમારી જમીનના દરેક ખૂણાને સમાન પોષકતત્વો પૂરા પાડે છે.

સુધારેલ પોષક તત્ત્વોનો ઉપદ્રવ: 

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર તમારા પાક માટે પોષક તત્વોના દરવાજા ખુલ્લા મૂકે છે. ખનિજ અવરોધોને દૂર કરીને, તે ખાતરી કરે છે કે આવશ્યક પોષક તત્ત્વો તેમના મૂળ સુધી પહોંચે. આ રીતે ઊપજને આત્યંતિક વૃદ્ધિ અને સ્વાસ્થ્ય પ્રાપ્ત થાય છે.

ખારાશ અને છોડના નુકસાનમાં ઘટાડો: 

હાર્ડ વૉટરના ખારા કોપ સામે ઇ-સોફ્ટ સુરક્ષાકવચ છે. તે ક્ષારીય સ્તરને કાબૂમાં રાખે છે અને તમારા છોડને નિર્જલીકરણ અને નુકસાનથી બચાવે છે. ઈ-સોફ્ટ ખાતરી કરે છે કે તમારા ખેતરો ફક્ત જીવન સાથે જ નહીં, પરંતુ ગુણવત્તા સાથે ખીલે!

phમાં ઉતાર-ચઢાવ: 

ઇ-સોફ્ટ સ્થિર ph સંતુલન જાળવે છે. આ નાજુક સંતુલન તમારી માટીને ફળદ્રુપ અને તંદુરસ્ત રાખે છે. હવે કોઈ અનિયમિત ph નથી જે તમારા પાક પર ભાર મૂકી શકે. 

ઉન્નત પાકની ગુણવત્તા: 

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર સાથે, તમારી ખેતી પરિવર્તનમાંથી પસાર થાય છે. બીજ રોપણથી માંડીને લણણી સુધી પાક માટે જરૂરી પોષકતત્વો પૂરા પાડે છે. ફળો અને શાકભાજી તેમની સંપૂર્ણ ક્ષમતાે ખીલે છે; જેથી તમારા ગ્રાહકોને  સ્વાદ અને સ્વાસ્થ્ય બંને મળી રહે. 

ખાતર પર બચત: 

ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર ફક્ત તમારા પાકને પોષણ આપતું નથી; તે તમારી સમૃધ્ધિને પણ પોષણ આપે છે. પોષક તત્ત્વોનો વપરાશ વધારીને અને માટીના સ્વાસ્થ્યને સુધારીને, તે મોંઘા ખાતરો તેમજ જંતુનાશકોની જરૂરિયાત ઘટાડે છે. ઈ-સોફ્ટ ઉમદા નફા સાથે તમારી ખેતીનું ભવિષ્ય રચે છે. 


ઇ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર: સોફ્ટ વોટર ચેમ્પિયન, હાર્ડ વોટર સામે લડવા માટે તૈયાર છે. આ એક શસ્ત્ર છે જે તમને ખારા પાણી પર વિજય મેળવવા અને તમારી જમીનની ઉત્પાદન ક્ષમતાને વધારે છે. ડીજીગો વેબસાઇટની મુલાકાત લો અને જાણો કે એક નિર્ણય તમારા ખેતરને કાયમ માટે કેવી રીતે બદલી શકે છે.આજે જ ઈ-સોફ્ટ વોટર સોફ્ટનર અપનાવો અને તમારા ખેતરનો સમૃધ્ધ ઇતિહાસ લખો. 

યાદ રાખો, સમૃદ્ધ ભવિષ્યના બીજ પહેલેથી જ વાવવામાં આવ્યા છે. તેમને ખેતરમાં લહેરાતા જોવા માટે તમારે ફક્ત યોગ્ય પાણીની જરૂર છે.

E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture Rediscover Ancient Farming!

E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture: Rediscover Ancient Farming!

In this blog, We explain everything about E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture and Why today’s farming need Water Softener. We also explain how ancient farming was good due to good water and why Today’s Hard Water is bad for Agriculture.

Ancient Farming:

Thirty to forty years ago, They don’t used soft water by Agriculture Water Softener but they used to use the water that was found in the upper layers of the ground through ponds and wells. This water was naturally soft because it was rainwater. It also contained minerals, but these minerals came from the ground through dissolution, so the mineral particles were as small as 0.5 microns.

Farming requires four main elements: 1) Oxygen 2) Nitrogen 3) Calcium 4) Magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are obtained from water, while oxygen and nitrogen are obtained from the air. The function of oxygen and nitrogen is to increase the production of bacteria and provide nutrition. These bacteria absorb micro-nutrients from the soil and transport them to the roots. Previously, the size of calcium and magnesium was small, so they were easily absorbed into the roots and the roots remained strong. Therefore, it was possible to farm with only water. That is why water was used as fertilizer.

Change in Situation:

The main reason for the change in the situation is slowly but surely the increased population and the increasing water demand. To meet this demand, groundwater is being drawn from deeper levels. As a result, the size of these mineral particles has now become 1-2 microns. We call such hard water with hard minerals. These large-sized minerals stick to the upper layer of the soil and block the surface of land. As a result, the flow of oxygen and nitrogen stopped and the nutrition that should have come through water is no longer available.

The impact of this change is that plants are not getting the nutrients they need. As a result, their roots become weak and they are unable to absorb water and nutrients properly. This leads to reduced crop yields and increased crop damage.

To address this issue, farmers are using chemical fertilizers to provide the nutrients that their crops need. However, this is not a sustainable solution. Chemical fertilizers can pollute the environment and harm human health

Research on Hard Water:

Scientists have researched that if calcium magnesium stones are rubbed and ground to 0.5 microns and given to the roots; then these particles break down with water and are easily absorbed into the roots. By doing this, the roots became strong, but these stones naturally mixed with particles of heavy metals such as arsenic and lead. This caused the lower layer of the soil to also be blocked. In this way, the soil stopped getting nutrients from both sides. Due to this, the roots that used to grow deep and strong earlier instead become horizontal and thin. Weak roots led to weak plants. Along with this, it needs more artificial fertilizers and increased crop damage.

One study found that plants grown with hard water had smaller root systems than plants grown with soft water. This is because the hard water minerals can block the pores of the surface making it difficult for roots to absorb water and nutrients.

Another study found that plants grown with hard water were more susceptible to diseases. This is because the hard water minerals can weaken the plant’s immune system, making it more vulnerable to infection.

Need for Soft Water:

Now, to get out of this situation, we need to work on the cause of the problem. The quality of water has changed due to the water level going deeper and agriculture has become weak. Now, to strengthen agriculture, this hard water needs to be softened so that it contains small-sized minerals and plants do not have any difficulty in absorbing them.

The need for soft water in agriculture is clear. Soft water is easier for plants to absorb, which can lead to increased crop yields and reduced crop damage.

E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture Technology:

To change the water back to what it used to be, we have created a device. Its scientific name is Electro Hydro Enhancer, which is E-Soft.

How E-Soft Water Softener Works?

How E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture for Works
  • The E-Soft Water Softener for Agriculture device has two main components: 1) a digital antenna and 2) a control panel.
  • The digital antenna is connected to the control panel by a cable.
  • The control panel generates low-frequency electronic pulses.
  • These electronic pulses pass through the digital antenna.
  • The low-frequency electronic pulses interact with the water molecules, causing the hard minerals to break down into smaller particles.
  • These smaller particles are then easily absorbed by plants.

Transformation E-Soft Hard Water Softener Brings:

Using soft water makes the soil porous; because small minerals do not block the surface. The same minerals that were a nuisance are now converted into fertilizer. The roots can easily absorb this water so that the plant will be strong.

Due to the availability of nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, oxygen, and nitrogen to the crop, the plant reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. Hence E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener System protects the environment. Therefore, it becomes possible to farm only with water as in ancient agriculture.

E-Soft water softening technology has some advantages over traditional water-softening methods.

  • It breaks the minerals within the water; with no water wastage.
  • More efficient in terms of energy consumption.
  • Less expensive to install and maintain.


Overall, E-Soft Agriculture Water Softener has the potential to revolutionize the way we farm. It could help to improve crop yields, reduce crop damage, and protect the environment. Join the farmers who are revolutionizing agriculture with E-Soft Water Softener.