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Industrial Water softener

Industries require usage of water in high amounts. But all these industries spend a lot of money on chemicals and other ways to convert the hard water into soft water using water softening systems. These chemicals are harmful for the environment and cause a lot of pollution. DIGIGO E-Soft, Best Industrial Water Softener can easily convert Hard Water into Soft Water.

E-Soft Industrial water softener is capable of converting Hard water into Soft water without wastage of water. Resulting in reduction of your hard water problems and increase in benefits due to soft water.

Why E-Soft Industrial Water Softener is Best for Industries?

  • No wastage of water with E-Soft compared to other water softener brands.
  • Less in price than the market with more reliability. 
  • No requirement of maintenance again and again. 
  •  More than 30 years of life span.

The process of turning Hard Water into Soft Water is really important in various industrial applications. Water quality can significantly affect equipment, processes, and product quality negatively if the ideal water (Soft Water) is not used. So, it is necessary to use the best water that can make the production unstoppable. 

Where E-Soft Industrial Water Softener is Applicable?

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  • No Scaling
  • Quick Steaming
  • Fuel Saving
  • No Frequent Repairing
  • Easy Cleaning
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Cooling Towers

  • No Algae, Bacteria or Corrosion
  • Water Saving
  • More Efficiency
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Industrial RO

  • No Scaling in RO pump
  • Life of RO Membrane Double
  • Recycle and Reuse RO Wasted Water
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Heat Exchanger

  • Prevent Tube Puncture
  • No Leakage due to Scale
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  • No Lime-scale Deposition
  • Energy Saving
  • Quick Chilling
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  • Clears Pre-deposited Scale
  • Decreases Pipe Exchanges
  • Prevent Rusting and Leakage

Benefits of E-Soft Industrial Water Softener

Chemical Reduction

With the installation of Industrial water softener, the usage of Chemicals used to treat water in your industries will be reduced to minimum, saving lots of bucks and making the tasks complete faster than before. Moreover, the usage of harmful chemicals will be reduced which means a safer environment. With the minimal usage of Harmful chemicals we can protect the mother earth and prevent air and water pollution. Why go for the usage of harmful chemicals which costs more, than choosing E-Soft water softener for industries which is more reasonable in the long run and doesn’t require maintenance. 

Improves Efficiency

With Digigo E-Soft, get ready to increase your efficiency. How? You ask? With the installation of E-Soft industrial water softener, there will be no formation of scale on the machine surface allowing the system to work efficiently. Making the heat transfer surface free from the scales. If you want to reach higher grounds by maximizing the production, you should go for E-Soft hard water softener as the production will indirectly increase if the efficiency is increased. So, now the choice is yours, Efficiency or Scale? E-Soft water softening working day/night so that your efficiency keeps on increasing. 

Extends the life of Capital Equipments

Industrial water softener: E-Soft acts as a life savior for your precious machines. How? Hard Water is harsh which can damage the machines making its lifespan less. Moreover, E-Soft water softening system provides a quality of water that can make the water so reliable that the production increases as well as the life of your machines also increases. Due to scaling in heat exchanges, boilers and other machine parts the efficiency as well as the life decreases. So, With E-Soft NO SCALE, NO PROBLEM. Increase in the lifespan of your machines and reduction in maintenance cost. 

Controls Algae and Bacteria

The formation of Algae and bacteria in the machine parts is a huge problem, which can cause health concerns for the machinery. With E-Soft water softening technology, you can be tension free as there will not be a single bacteria or algae as it is caused due to limescale formation in the parts and our E-Soft water softener doesn’t allow limescale to form. E-Soft hard water softener for industry helps control algae and bacteria by eliminating their breeding ground limescale deposits. With the reduction in Algae and Bacteria, the machine life will improve as well as increase in efficiency. 

Removes Existing Scale

Already have scales in your pipe? Don’t worry E-Soft water softener for industries is here to save you from the scales. E-Soft water softener can easily remove the scales that are already present in your pipes. The soft water from Digigo E-Soft hard water softening system is capable enough of removing all the scales within the span of a month or two. 

Environment Friendly

Hard water or chemicals discharged from industries pollute the environment on a high level. E-Soft Industrial water softener is here to support you if you support the environment and want mother earth to be healthy. With Soft Water there is Reduction in Land Pollution as well as Air Pollution. Moreover, Soft Water will not waste any drop of water which is very beneficial for the environment as well as your pockets. The water which is highly wasted by chemicals which treatment reduces to zero with the installation of E-Soft water softening system. Now isn’t that the best for our precious Mother Earth. Know how E-Soft helps saving mother Earth!

Prevents Scale Automation

E-Soft industrial water softener will neutralize the scale-forming ions so that they do not adhere to each other, the pipe walls, tubes, jets, and heat transfer surfaces. It also significantly reduces maintenance costs and downtime. Adding chemicals, balancing water chemistry and cleaning shutdowns will be greatly reduced. The need arising of changing the machine parts due to scale automation will be reduced. Soft Water is very useful as the damages of scale automation done by Hard Water is reduced extensively. 

Reduces Corrosion

E-Soft Industrial water softener allows for increased cycles of concentration which naturally and gently elevates the pH of the re-circulating water, thereby rendering the water less corrosive. E-Soft water softener controls scaling potentials which less in corrosive cell formations of calcium or iron deposits on the metal surfaces. Due to decrease in corrosion the equipment is well maintained resulting in less requirement of maintenance and problem. Get ready to save your equipment from corrosion with the help of E-Soft water softener for industries. 

Huge Energy Savings

Get ready to increase your income by decreasing the energy usage. The primary energy savings are a result of a decrease in energy consumption in heating or cooling applications. These savings are associated with the removal of scale formation. No Scales means No Requirement of maintenance, which Results in lot of savings on money. Soft water saves your plumber costs as well as costs required to replace the machine party, as a result your savings gets increasing rapidly. 

Decreases operating costs

The operating costs are decreased gradually with the installation of industrial water softener: E-Soft. Hard Water requires more operating cost than soft water. Moreover, Hard Water requires more energy compared to Soft Water. Therefore, with the usage of Soft Water you can save a lot of Operating costs. E-Soft water softener allows you to significantly lower your cost of operation by using fewer chemicals and less water, as well as reducing labor costs. Read 7 Benefits of DIGIGO Industrial Water Softener and explore more benefits.

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