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Water Softener for Agriculture

Water Softener for Agriculture


Industrial Grade (Heavy Duty)


Type: Electronic Water Softener

Technology: RFM+SM+EC (Electro Hydro Enhancer)

Capacity: 250 Wattage & Above

Input TDS: 5000 TDS

Application: Farms, Fruit Orchards, Cattle Stable, Dairy Farming, Nurseries

Water Source: Borewell Hard Water

Design: Close Box

Life Duration: 30 Years

Raw Material: Stainless Steel


  • No Maintenance
  • No Water Waste
  • Easy to Install
  • 1 Year Warranty

After 7 years of dedicated R&D, DIGIGO succeeded in introducing a revolutionary water softening system for agriculture: E-Soft Agricultural Water Softener. We came to know that the actual problem is the bigger size of dissolved Calcium and Magnesium which stick to the upper surface of the soil. Eventually, they stop water from reaching the roots and don’t let the bigger size minerals be absorbed by the micro pours of the roots. Additionally, a layer of minerals inhibits the nutrients available in the air like Nitrogen and Oxygen from reaching the roots.

This water-softening device generates low-frequency electronic pulses that break down bigger size Calcium & Magnesium into 0.5 microns. These micronutrients are easy to be absorbed by roots and sustain the moisture level of the soil. Hence roots become automatically strong and immunised. Crop production and the income of the farmers will rise to double

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How E-Soft Water Softeners Can be Beneficial in Agriculture

Protect Soil

Hard Water Problem:
  • Soil Erosion
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Prevent Soil Erosion
  • Fertility Boost
Prottact soil jpg
soft soil jpg

Soft Soil

Hard Water Problem:
  • pH Imbalance
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Increased Moisture
  • Stable pH Balance

Doubles Crop Production

Hard Water Problem:
  • Interrupts Crop Growth
Soft Water Solutions:
  • 50% more Production
  • Quantity and Quality Crop Yield
duble crop production jpg
plant damege jpg

No Plant Damage

Hard Water Problem:
  • Wilted Leaves
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Greener leaves
  • Prevent Yellow Leaves

Easy Absorption

Hard Water Problem:
  • Bigger Size Minerals
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Easy Mineral Intake from Water
  • Roots Hydration
Easy Absorption jpg
disease free jpg

Disease Free Crops

Hard Water Problem:
  • Breeding of Bacteria
Soft Water Solutions:
  • No Wilted Plants
  • Lower Chances of Fungal Disease
  • No Need for Pesticides

Huge Savings

Hard Water Problem:
  • Money Wasted on Fertilizers
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Nutrition from Water Only
  • 70% Saving on Fertilizers 
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organic farming 2 jpg

Save Irrigation System

Hard Water Problem:
  • Scale Buildup in Micro Irrigation
Soft Water Solutions:
  • Keeps Pipes Clean
  • No Mineral Buildup in Sprinklers & Drippers

Application of Agricultural Water Softener: E-Soft


By making those hard-to-absorb minerals easier to absorb, E-Soft Agriculture water softener also manages to sustain the moisture in the soil for a long time. Hence the period between two irrigation increases with 50% water saving. On top of that, since the plants are getting fed nutrients from the soft water itself, farmers don’t need to use as much chemical fertilizer or pesticides. E-Soft water softener for farming can reduce pesticide use by 70%! By switching to E-Soft water softener for agriculture, many farmers are seeing their incomes go up to 50%.  Read our blog and learn more about organic farming.


The main issue nursery owners face is ensuring their plants survive to be sold – lowering the dead plant ratio. Hard water can be a threat in a few ways that harm plant health and growth:

  • Blockage of plant pores and reduced sunlight intake
  • Difficulty in nutrient absorption by roots
  • Algal, bacterial and fungal growth
  • Leaf burn and leaf tissue damage

Softening the water with E-Soft water softener for agriculture before irrigation leads to healthy and fast growing plants. 

Dairy Farming:

For a farmer, his cattle are much more important. But because of hard water, these animals remain very troubled. Their health gets spoiled and milk production also becomes less.

DIGIGO’s E-Soft water softener softens the water and helps the nutrients reach the animals’ bodies easily. You can notice the improvement in the health of animals and milk production. 

  • More Hydration to Animals
  • More Milk Production
  • Increase in Fat Level
  • 70% Improved Animal Health

So you too adopt DIGIGO’s E-Soft water softener today for the good health and prosperity of your animals. Read our blog on how E-Soft is boosting the dairy farming business.


Hard water is a major problem for horticulture farmers. Too much salt and minerals are a headache for the orchards and damage our juicy crops like chillies, guavas, pomegranates, mangoes, etc. And the biggest damage is to the micro irrigation system, sprinklers and drippers. Apart from this, 

  • Scaling in micro irrigation system
  • Land becoming sick
  • Fruit burning
  • More fruit diseases

E-Soft hard water to soft water converter for agriculture keeps the irrigation system clean from the inside and lets the water flow smoothly and evenly. You can see how this agricultural water softener changed their farming journey and harvesting production. 

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