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The Crucial Role of Water Softeners in India’s Food Sector

As a nation obsessed with flavours and culinary delights, India boasts a diverse and thriving food industry. From street food stalls to haute cuisine restaurants, food processing plants to beverage manufacturers – water plays a pivotal role in every aspect of this vital sector. However, the quality of water used can make or break the taste, safety, and shelf life of food products. This is where proper water treatment becomes indispensable.

The Significance of Water Quality

Water is arguably the most important ingredient in the food industry. It is not only used for cooking, cleaning, and sanitization purposes but also constitutes a major component of many food items. Thus, the quality of water used can directly impact:

Food Safety: Contaminants like harmful bacteria, chemicals, or particulate matter in water can easily find their way into food products, posing severe health risks to consumers. Proper treatment ensures water is free from such hazards.

Food Taste: The mineral composition of water can significantly influence the taste of beverages like tea, coffee, juices as well as cooked dishes. Hard water often imparts an unpleasant flavor due to its high dissolved solids content.

Shelf Life: Microbiological contaminants in water can accelerate spoilage, reducing the shelf life of perishable food items like dairy products, baked goods, and processed foods.

Equipment Performance: Hard water causes scale buildup in pipes, boilers, and other food processing equipment leading to frequent breakdowns, higher maintenance costs, and production delays.

Importance of Water Treatment

Given the immense importance of water quality, the food industry cannot afford to overlook effective water treatment measures. Here’s why investing in robust treatment solutions is a necessity:

Consumer Health: As food manufacturers, ensuring consumer health and safety should be the topmost priority. Treating water eliminates disease-causing pathogens and toxic substances, preventing food contamination.

Brand Reputation: In today’s socially connected world, a single case of food poisoning can tarnish a brand’s reputation, leading to loss of consumer trust and financial implications. Proper water treatment mitigates such risks.

Operational Efficiency: Mineral-free treated water enhances the performance and longevity of food processing equipment, reducing downtime and associated costs. It also improves the efficiency of cleaning and sanitization processes.

Regulatory Compliance: The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has stringent guidelines for the quality of water used in food businesses. Implementing adequate water treatment systems ensures compliance with these norms.

Introducing E-Soft: The Water Treatment Specialist

In the realm of water treatment solutions for the food industry, E-Soft stands tall as a pioneer and trusted name. With its cutting-edge water softening technology, E-Soft offers a comprehensive range of industrial water softeners designed to cater to the diverse needs of food businesses.

The E-Soft Advantage:

Effective Mineral Removal: E-Soft’s electronic pulse process efficiently neutralizes hardness-causing calcium and magnesium minerals from water, ensuring a soft water supply throughout your facility.

Customized Solutions: Whether you run a large-scale food processing plant or a modest eatery, E-Soft offers tailored water softening systems to match your specific water treatment requirements.

Improved Taste and Quality: By providing soft, mineral-rich water, E-Soft enhances the natural flavours of your food and beverage products, ensuring consistent taste and quality.

Prolonged Equipment Life: Soft water significantly reduces scale buildup, corrosion, and mineral deposits in pipelines, boilers, and other equipment, extending their operational life.

Cost Savings: With E-Soft, you can bid farewell to frequent equipment repairs, excess chemical usage, and inefficient cleaning processes, translating into substantial cost savings.

Environmental Responsibility: DIGIGO’s water softeners operate on a mineral breakdown process, which is an eco-friendly and sustainable water treatment method without any wastage of water. 

The food industry’s growth and success are intrinsically tied to the quality of water used in its operations. By partnering with E-Soft, food businesses can prioritize consumer health, maintain brand integrity, optimize operational efficiency, and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market.

Don’t let water quality be the weak link in your food business. Invest in E-Soft’s industry-leading water softening solutions and unlock the full potential of your culinary endeavors. Because when it comes to food, compromising on water quality is simply not an option.

How to Save Water Efficiently and How can E-Soft Water Softener Help You in Various Sectors?

Water is one of the most precious boons to human life as well as to all the organisms on Planet Earth. Water is really valuable is what people say but we often see these people wasting the water. Would you consider it a two faced person? We will. Water is invaluable as there is no alternative of water and water on Earth is limited and is decreasing day by day because of unnecessary use and increase in wastage of Water. So, today on the auspicious day of Water Day we are gonna give you ideas regarding how to save water effectively. 

How can you Save Water in the Agriculture Sector? 

Agriculture sector is a sector which is fully dependent on Water. Without water Agriculture could not work even a little bit. The maximum amount of water usage is done in the agriculture sector. The Agriculture Sector is engaged in producing crops and one can’t grow crops without sufficient supply of water. Here are some ways to help you save water while still you can produce crops easily. 

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is the most efficient way to provide crops with the necessary water and nutrients for optimal growth. This method delivers water and nutrients directly to the root zone of each plant in precise amounts and at the right time. As a result, farmers can achieve higher yields while using less water, fertilizer, and energy. Drip irrigation allows for precise and targeted application of resources, reducing waste and maximizing the efficiency of water and nutrient use in agriculture. 

Water Harvesting

Water harvesting and reuse systems are designed to collect and store runoff and stormwater, which can be used later for various purposes. These systems have local benefits, such as reducing runoff volume and preventing water quality degradation downstream. 

Dry Farming

Dry farming is a method of crop production that does not rely on irrigation during dry seasons, but instead utilizes moisture stored in the soil from the previous rainy season. It is a location-specific, low-input strategy for growing crops within the constraints of the climate. In this approach, a crop may receive minimal irrigation or none at all. 

Crops Resistant to Drought

Farmers can enhance their crop productivity per unit of water by cultivating crops that are well-suited to the local climate. Drought-resistant crops are particularly advantageous, as they can reduce the risk of crop failure during periods of water scarcity, improve overall yields, and enhance economic stability for farmers. 

How can E-Soft help in Agriculture? 

Normal water used in agriculture is considered as hard water, which can destroy your precious crops and soak away the beneficial nutritions from it. That is when Digigo can help. When the plants are sprinkled with Hard Water, the water left on land evaporates at a great rate resulting in Water Loss. Due to this we have to water more as compared to the regular time intervals. This is in the case of Hard Water, when Soft Water is sprinkled then the land gets Soft and the water is stored in the moisture making it more efficient and hence, less water is required. It saves almost 40% of Water, so to save the Water E-Soft is the most reliable and best System to save Water. Hard Water makes the land hard and hence, the Water does not go to the roots deeply and evaporation occurs. Soft land because of Soft Water makes water reach roots properly and requirement of Water decreases. Our product can easily convert your hard water into soft water. This soft water will soothe your plants and will help them grow rapidly. Soft water from Digigo can increase the lifespan of your plant and can increase yield up to 50%*. It will also save many liters of water. 

How can you Save Water in the Industrial Sector?

Industrial sector is one of the pioneers in the usage of Water. Industries highly depend on Water for production. Huge amounts of Water is used in  the production and the water is destroyed with harmful particles and then dumped which causes Water Pollution and disturbs Mother Earth. The Ways to reduce water wastage in the industrial sector are given below. 

Reuse Water

Many applications of water in industrial facilities have options for reusing water. Examples include condensate from boilers and blowdown water from cooling towers. Reusing used Water can help reduce Water requirement and hence, can solve the problem of Excessive Water Requirement. 

Protection System against Water Loss

Protect your industrial systems against water loss to reduce the need to add water. As noted, fixing leaks is essential. However, preventing leaks is just as critical. The water chemistry plays a role in preventing leaks inside closed loop systems, cooling towers and boilers.These systems can save a lot of Money and Water in the long run. 

Don’t Dump Unfiltered Water in the Open Environment

While doing the production the industries tend to make the Water impure in the production. This unfiltered bad Water is mostly dumped in the Open rivers or Environment which can cause a lot of Water Pollution, Air Pollution and Land Pollution. The dumping of Water should be done only after treating it and making it clean otherwise it can destroy nature. 

Replacing Small Components

Where possible, use high-pressure, low volume hoses, nozzles, and spray heads for cleaning and rinsing units, or wherever appropriate. Automatic shutoff nozzles can also help to reduce water waste, especially for manual hoses and sprayers used for cleaning purposes. These types of changes typically entail minimal investment and deliver immediate cost savings. 

How can you save Water with Digigo E-Soft in Industries? 

Industries require Soft Water for production. With the installation of Digigo E-Soft the requirement of Soft Water will be fulfilled and Digigo E-Soft does not waste a single drop of Water during the Water conversion process so no amount of Water is wasted and no chemicals are used to convert Hard Water into Soft Water with Digigo E-Soft making it Environment Friendly. Hard Water has to be replaced again and again to keep the cooling chamber working. But in the case of Soft Water, you don’t require a regular chance. Many industries use RO water and hence, it creates a lot of wastage of water, this unuseful water can be softened again and hence, can be used in work. It can replace RO and Raisin based Water Softener, if the water quality in a region is more appropriate. 

How can you Save Water in the Commercial Sector? 

Commercial sector also uses Water on a daily basis. It includes Washing, cleaning, laundering and many more tasks. Here are some ways to Save Water in the Commercial Sector. 

Regulate Water Pressure

Water pressure levels can be a great indicator of your commercial building’s overall plumbing health. Ideally, building water pressure should be between 65-80 psi, anything above that range can damage fixtures and increase the chance of pipe bursts. When the pressure is high then more amount of Water is used. So, use Water on low pressure mode to save Water. 

Install Water Monitoring Smart Technology

With a smart monitoring system, you have access to your property’s hourly, daily, and monthly water consumption data. Property water consumption is also broken down into metrics like average gallons per day, estimated cost per year, and estimated cost per square foot or unit per year. Having this kind of information can assist with facility benchmarking efforts, as well as illustrate the efficiency of water use best practices. Water flow meter also helps you determine the amount of water used as well as wastage of Water. 

Install Rain Sensors on Irrigation

If your property has an irrigation system, installing rain sensors can be one of the easiest ways to save water. When precipitation is detected, rain sensors place a stop on your irrigation system to reduce unnecessary watering. As soon as the rain stops, the rain sensors will turn off and resume the irrigation system’s programmed schedule. 

Insulate Piping

In many existing buildings, domestic hot water pipes are either uninsulated, or done so improperly. Consequently, building water users are required to wait for hot water to flow, resulting in considerable water waste. In addition to conservation through the immediate delivery of hot water, proper pipe insulation can also reduce energy consumption by controlling heat loss. 

How can Digigo E-Soft save Water in the Commercial Sector? 

With Digigo E-Soft, you will get Soft Water for the usage in the Commercial Sector which will be beneficial for you. The Soft Water from Digigo E-Soft will be helpful in cleaning as well as washing. The soft Water from Digigo E-Soft will make the cleaning process efficient and effective as a result less water will be required. Moreover, The water required for laundering will be reduced as Soft Water will easily remove the dirt. Hard Water results in producing scales in your appliances which can result in leakage hence, water loss. So, with Soft Water from Digigo no chance of scale, no chance of leakage and no chance of Water Wastage. There is less leakage in the lines of Soft water. 200% of savings in water used for cleaning utensils and laundry. Due to reduction in Water Logging, water wastage is reduced. Moreover, it helps in landscaping too. Soft Water used in Swimming pools can also be reused. The task of Water cleaning also becomes easy with Soft Water. 

How can you Save Water in the Residential Sector? 

Unnecessary Water usage is a major problem in the Residential Sector, huge amounts are wasted for cleaning and washing activities at home. Here are some ways which can help you save Water. 

Check your toilet for leaks

Put a few drops of food coloring in your toilet tank. If, without flushing, the coloring begins to appear in the bowl, you have a leak that may be wasting more than 100 gallons of water a day. 

Take shorter showers

A typical shower uses five to ten gallons of water a minute. Limit your showers to the time it takes to soap up, wash down and rise off. 

Install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors

Your hardware or plumbing supply store stocks inexpensive shower heads or flow restrictors that will cut your shower flow to about three gallons a minute instead of five to ten. They are easy to install, and your showers will still be cleansing and refreshing. 

If you wash dishes by hand, don’t leave the water running for rinsing

If you have two sinks, fill one with rinse water. If you have only one sink, first gather all your washed dishes in a dish rack, then rinse them quickly with a spray device or a pan of water. By doing this you can save a lot of Water which usually goes wasted by flowing into the sink without any usage. 

How can Digigo E-Soft help you in the Residential Sector? 

Digigo E-Soft will convert the Hard Water into the Soft Water as a result Water flowing from your pipe will be Soft and efficient for work. This Soft Water will be suitable for the cleaning process as the lather will be made and dirt will be removed easily. Moreover, the Soap Scum will be easily washed and the requirement of Water to remove the Soap Scum will be less. Due to easy removal of dirt, Water saving increases.

7 Benefits of Digigo Industrial Water Softener

Digigo Industrial Water Softener Reduces Chemical Corrosion:

Digigo E-Soft Industrial Water Softener will reduce the chemical corrosion on your machinery as the water will be purified into soft water resulting in reduction of corrosion. Unnecessary chemicals will be removed from water which will help your machine parts maintain the desired quality over the time period. 

Our Industrial Water Softener will Improve Your Machine’s Efficiency:

Our water softener will help you soften the hard water so that your machine’s efficiency is well maintained. Moreover, E-Soft keeps the heat transfer surfaces free from scale allowing the systems to operate under optimal design conditions. E-Soft will work continuously to maintain your industrial efficiency and to maintain as well as develop it. 

Digigo Water Softener Extends Life of the Machinery:

Due to hard water the life of your machinery reduces, it gets down with time. But with Digigo E-Soft your machines will live longer than the usual life as the soft water will nourish the machine resulting in better work in addition to a longer life. Scaling can reduce the efficiency of heat exchangers, boilers, and other machinery, but soft water minimizes these issues. Soft water will prevent machines from getting scale which results in longer and better quality of machine life. 

E-Soft Industrial Water Softener System Prevents Bacteria:

With the help of Digigo Industrial Water Softener you can save your machinery from getting algae and bacterias. Several bacterias are born due to Scales made by Hard Water which can cause various problems. Digigo E-Soft eliminates scales which will indirectly eliminate the algae and bacterias that can cause harm in parts of machines which can result in severe costs. The modified calcium crystals and higher cycles of concentration help to retard algae and biofilm formations which can save a lot of time and money to compensate for the repair. 

Digigo E-Soft Removes Existing Scale on the Surface:

Not only will Digigo E-Soft stop the algae from coming, it will also remove the existing scale from the surface of the machine which will be helpful for you. Our product can remove the stubborn scale within weeks and will make sure your machine will never have to experience scale or any other bacteria EVER. 

Digigo E-Soft Prevents Scale Automation:

Digigo E-Soft is capable of reducing the scale automation to 0%. It will modify scale forming particles so that they do not leave any scales in pipe, tube, jets and water heating surfaces. This will reduce maintenance cost. This can reduce your downtime which means more production, yayyyy. 

Digigo Water Softener for Industry Takes Care of Mother Earth:

Everyone wants mother earth to remain healthy, similarly Digigo E-Soft is always working on reducing water wastage and purifying harmful water. Our product does not add anything to the water making it non complex. Digigo E-Soft is eco-friendly, it treats the hard water problems in such a way that you don’t require any chemicals.Digigo reduces water pollution and air pollution, this seems like a gift to Mother Earth, doesn’t it? How is it beneficial for you, you ask? Your reputation in the market will increase as you are opting for eco-friendly products, you are promoting eco-friendliness, you are thinking about Mother Earth and taking care of Mother Earth. It will act as a positive goodwill for your reputation in the market, among the customers as well as competitors. 

E-Soft’s Industrial Water Softener: The Future of Industrial Water Treatment

E-Soft: A Revolutionary Industrial Water Softener

In the dynamic landscape of industrial water treatment, where efficiency, sustainability, and innovation intersect, E-Soft’s Electro Hydro Enhancer, a cutting-edge soft water conditioner, stands at the forefront. This promises a paradigm shift in the way industries address water-related challenges, positioning itself as a revolutionary water softener. As we delve into the future of industrial water treatment, let’s explore the groundbreaking innovations that make E-Soft a trailblazer in this domain.

At the heart of E-Soft’s innovation lies a cutting-edge electro hydro enhancer technology, functioning as an advanced soft water conditioner. This ingenious system operates on the principle of breaking down large-sized scales into microns, fundamentally altering the molecular structure of carbonates and bicarbonates. The result? A comprehensive solution that goes beyond mere water softening, addressing a spectrum of pain points prevalent in the industrial sector.

E-Soft in the Industrial World

Chemical Reduction:

Hard water, containing elevated minerals, adversely impacts chemical reduction in industrial processes. It forms scale deposits, hindering proper chemical distribution and reducing the efficiency of detergents. Corrosion and altered pH levels further disrupt chemical reactions, potentially damaging equipment. Hard water’s tendency to form insoluble compounds increases the need for higher chemical dosages, leading to elevated costs. 

E-Soft’s water softener solution effectively addresses these challenges by preventing scale, reducing corrosion, and optimizing water chemistry. This ensures efficient chemical reduction processes, promoting cost savings and sustainability in industrial operations.

Increased Efficiency:

Hard water negatively impacts the efficiency of industrial machinery due to its high mineral content, primarily calcium and magnesium. These minerals form scale deposits on the surfaces of machinery, hindering heat transfer and reducing overall efficiency. Scaling not only insulates the heating elements but also decreases the flow rates in pipes and equipment, leading to increased energy consumption. Additionally, the corrosion caused by hard water can damage critical components, further diminishing machinery efficiency. 

E-Soft’s water softener solution mitigates these effects by preventing scale buildup and reducing corrosion, ensuring industrial machinery operates at optimal levels, resulting in improved energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Huge Energy Savings:

Hard water adversely affects energy savings in industrial settings. The mineral deposits from hard water, known as scale, accumulate on heating elements and piping systems, creating insulation that reduces the efficiency of heat transfer. This forces machinery to work harder and consume more energy to maintain desired temperatures, leading to increased energy costs. Additionally, the scaling effect decreases the overall efficiency of water heaters and boilers, requiring more energy to achieve the same results. 

By implementing E-Soft’s water softener solution, which prevents scale buildup, industries can enhance energy savings by ensuring machinery operates efficiently, reducing energy consumption, and minimizing the need for frequent maintenance and repairs.

Reduced Maintenance and Operating Costs:

Hard water significantly increases maintenance costs for industrial machinery. The mineral deposits from hard water, commonly known as scale, accumulate on equipment surfaces, causing corrosion and reducing overall efficiency. This buildup necessitates frequent maintenance to clean and repair affected machinery, leading to increased downtime and labor costs. Inefficient heat transfer caused by scaling also accelerates wear and tear on components, further elevating maintenance expenses. 

E-Soft’s water softener solution addresses this issue by preventing scale buildup, reducing corrosion, and enhancing machinery efficiency, resulting in decreased maintenance costs and prolonged equipment lifespan, ultimately promoting cost-effective industrial operations.

Environmentally Friendly Practices:

Hard water poses challenges to environmentally friendly practices in industrial settings. The increased use of chemicals to combat scaling and corrosion, caused by hard water, can contribute to environmental pollution. Harsh chemicals used to counteract the impact of hard water can find their way into water systems, adversely affecting aquatic ecosystems. Additionally, the higher energy consumption resulting from scaled-up machinery reduces the overall sustainability of industrial operations. 

E-Soft’s water softener adds nothing extra into water for a particular process so the environment will be safe. It will also help to save water and energy by up to 30% which will directly affect the STP and the ETP plants as well as environment too.

Future of Industries:

Embarking on the journey toward the future of industrial water treatment, E-Soft, the pioneer in soft water conditioner solutions, has left an indelible mark on various industries. Case studies showcase instances where the Electro Hydro Enhancer has not only mitigated existing water-related challenges but has also optimized industrial processes, contributing to enhanced productivity and reduced environmental impact.


In concluding our exploration of the future of industrial water treatment, it’s evident that E-Soft’s innovations, acting as a soft water conditioner and water softener, transcend conventional solutions. By addressing the complexities of hard water in industrial settings, E-Soft paves the way for a sustainable and efficient future. As industries increasingly embrace advanced water treatment technologies, E-Soft, the forefront soft water conditioner, stands poised to be an enduring catalyst for positive change.