What is E-Soft?

What Is E-Soft?

The technical name of E-Soft is Electro Hydro Enhancer which works on the principle to break the big-sized scales into the microns and make them neutral by changing the molecular structure of carbonates and bicarbonates.

It is the most advanced computerised Water Softener System which is completely based on programmed software for generating particularly two types of low frequency modulated digital signals from ingeniously designed circuits.

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The E-Soft Story

Since the last 50 years, the level of groundwater has gone deeper. Below the 30 feet surface of the land, there are numerous rock stones of calcium and magnesium. When the water passes through these rock stones, tiny particles of them go and mix with the water making it hard. This creates numerous challenges in our day-to-day lives as well as to the environment.

Through constant research of 2 years, our team of highly qualified scientists and engineers have designed a water softener. Digigo is the first-ever Indian company in the world to make such a kind of electronic device that consists of three different eco-friendly techniques with international quality standards at an economical price level. We believe that conserving nature is our duty, hence, we have created this product that does not harm the environment as well as conserves energy making E-Soft an eco-friendly water softener brand.

How it works!

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