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Commercial Water Softener

Commercial properties are not just shops, showrooms or institutes but they are the result of hard work. People set their businesses for a lifetime. Let’s improve your commercial property with E-Soft commercial water softener.

Hard Water has several harmful particles that can damage your property and your machinery too. There is a chance that the property and machines might rot too. 

DIGIGO Commercial Water Softener solely capable of converting all the Hard water into Soft water without any maintenance. E-Soft water softener neutralizes Hard Water minerals which stops the lime scale building inside any equipment or pipes.

Why DIGIGO E-Soft Commercial Water Softener is Best?

  • Made-in-India
  • No Water Wastage
  • Compatible Price
  • No Maintenance
  • Lifespan 30 Years

Where E-Soft Commercial Water Softener is Applicable?

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  • Hygiene in Kitchen
  • Easy Dish Washing
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Hotels & Banquet Halls

  • Laundry Cleaning
  • Cut Plumbing Repairing Costs
  • Efficiency of Geysers & Washing Machines
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IT Parks

  • Maintain Cleaning Standard
  • Spotless Surfaces
  • Reduce Cleaning Labor Costs 
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Malls & Super Markets

  • Clean Washrooms 
  • Operational Cost Cutting
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  • Better Hygiene Level
  • Safe Water for Sensitive Medical Machines
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Sports Clubs & Stadiums

  • Healthy Hydrating Water
  • Prevent Scaling from Taps & Showers
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Swimming Pools & Water Parks

  • Fewer Chemicals for Water Cleaning
  • Safe Water for Sensitive Skin
  • Stable Water Flow
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Schools & Colleges

  • Clean & Hygienic Washrooms
  • Safe Drinking Water for Children

Benefits of E-Soft Commercial Water Softener

Extended Equipment Life

With E-Soft: commercial water softener, you can easily increase your equipment life as the scale problem gets solved. The clogging of pipes gets cured and the efficiency increases. Equipment such as water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, and washing machines increase their lifespan. 

No More Plumbing Leakage

Reduced limescale buildup in plumbing systems means fewer plumbing issues. E-Soft saves commercial establishments avoiding potential disruptions

Moreover, you don’t require weekly, monthly or even yearly maintenance. That means an increase in efficiency and a decrease in time disturbance. Read how your plumbing gets life guard after installing E-Soft.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

Scale buildup, service calls for fixing clogged pipes and malfunctioning of equipment lead to extra repairing costs as well as affect your business reputation. E-Soft commercial water softener reduces the need for maintenance and repair charges.

Enhanced Hygiene

Soft Water can lead to better cleaning and hygiene results. In businesses like hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and laundromats. Soft water can improve the quality of laundry, dishwashing, and general cleaning processes with better hygiene. Get more information on how E-Soft maintains hygiene.

Improved Laundry Quality

Laundries are highly important in the hospitality business. E-Soft soft water results in softer and brighter linens, extended fabric lifespan, and reduced detergent and chemical usage. 

Stable Water Flow

In commercial spaces like malls, hotels, water parks, etc. the water flow of taps, showers or pipes plays a very crucial role. Hard water accumulates limescale inside the plumbing and disturbs the water flow. E-Soft commercial water softeners are made to soften the hard water as well as remove the already accumulated scale from the pipes and let the water flow freely. 

Operational Cost Cutting

Hard water demands more labour energy, more cleaning agents and more electricity to keep commercial equipment and systems running smoothly. E-Soft water softener cuts down the hard work as well as human energy being wasted on cleaning and maintaining hygiene in commercial spaces. For more Benefits of DIGIGO ESoft Commercial Water Softener.

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