Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System and a Farmer in Farm

How Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System Help Farmers During Summer?

In the summer season, water acts as a relief not only for humans but also for Plants. Water helps you keep hydrated. Plants need more hydration during Summers as compared to other seasons.

If they are not well watered then there is a strong chance that they might get dried up and you have to lose your crops. Don’t let that happen Water your plants efficiently by that we don’t mean excess water to your plant. We mean water your plants smartly. How, you ask? With Digigo Agriculture Water Softener System

Digigo E-Soft is a revolution in the Agriculture Water Softener System industry as E-Soft does not require any salt or chemical to soften Hard Water, it converts the Water electronically. Moreover, like many other Water Softener Systems for Agriculture, E-Soft does not waste water in the process of conversion. Every droplet of water is converted without any wastage.

During summer the additional requirement of water can be reduced with the help of Soft Water from Agriculture Water Softener System. Soft Water makes the soil moisturized and so the power of the soil increases and the time between two irrigation cycles also increases. 

The Hard Water contains some harmful minerals for the plant and makes it a little weak, whereas the Soft Water is considered better for plants as it removes the harmful minerals and provides necessary nutritions to the plant. Moreover, due to the Softness in the Water the soil gets rich nourishment and will not require apart from regular water requirements. 

With Agriculture Water Softener System, you will get 100% Soft Water without any particles of Hard Water, so now you can water your plants easily with normal amounts of water and still grow green vegetables. Also, Your plants will be rich in nutrition if they are properly watered with Soft Water. 

Soft Water is highly recommended in the Agriculture Sector as With Soft Water the requirement for pesticides gets reduced and the chemical required to preserve the plant is also reduced to a great extent. 

Here are some testimonials of the Satisfied customers who opted for Agriculture Water Softener System in their farms.

Before reaching to the soil, the Hard Water travels through the irrigation system, it leads to left out water deposits, which reduces the water delivery efficiency. After some time, there is a high chance that the watering paths may get blocked, this is faced in many cases of drip irrigation systems. 

Farmers must deal with this by continually unclogging emitters and other components of their delivery systems. Oftentimes they only realize there’s an issue after plants start to yellow and wither.

With plants that are already weakened by reduced soil quality and difficulties with nutrient uptake, they may suffer irreversible damage by the time a grower realizes that a sprinkler or drip system isn’t working properly. 

This problem does not arise with Soft Water as the Soft Water does not log in the equipment and will make the flow smooth towards the plants. Moreover, the equipment is not spoiled due to bacterias which is a common case with the use of Hard Water.

As fields are irrigated and water either evaporates or is absorbed into plants and deep into the ground, the soil is left with all the dissolved mineral salts-calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, various bicarbonates, etc.-carried by the water.

In areas where there isn’t a lot of rain to flush out this excess salt, it accumulates, and the salinity of the soil steadily increases. Over time, this hardens the soil. If you’ve ever been out in a dry region and come across hardpan or caliche, this is the end result of soil that’s been exposed to large amounts of hard water over a long period of time.

The buildup of salt causes the soil to bind together, becoming cement-like in extreme cases. When soil has become hardened, water and important nutrients can’t reach plant roots. Consequently, crops fail to thrive, become more susceptible to pests and disease and have lower yields. 

But with Soft Water, the soil gets extra nutrients and the problem of erosion is also solved. Say goodbye to bad quality of soil and get ready to cultivate with the full efficiency of the soil. 

So, are you going to install Agriculture Water Softener System this summer to grow fresh, green and healthy crops and save your equipment from Hard Water?

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