Hair Fall

Soft Water, Strong Hair: Embrace the Flow of Healthy Locks!

The hardness of water can destroy hair follicles that results into hair damage and hair fall. Our E-Soft can cure hair and strengthen your scalp by improving water quality.

Hair Fall


Every Child Deserves a Glass of Clean Water

Consumption of hard water can cause kidney dysfunction. And health concern of the children should be the first priority.


Plant Treatment

Don’t Let Hard Water increase issues in daily usages

Hard water makes the cleaning even harder. It reacts with the surfactants & creates soap clumps. Soft water can save taps from clogs and stains on the floor.

Plant Treatment


Keep the Heat On with Proactive Boiler Care

All hot water appliances can be desolated by the heavy dosage of magnesium and calcium. Prevent your inner tanks of geyser from scaling that damages your heating elements.



Better Hygiene, Cost-Effectiveness

The minerals in hard water can alter the pH of the soil over time, making it more alkaline. Moreover it creates blockage in irrigation system. Save your maintenance expenses by implanting E-Soft.

About Us

Who We Are

Digigo is India’s only manufacturer of advanced water technology
E-Soft, which breaks down minerals and converts active ions
into neutral form to prevent scale accumulation in pipelines. The
technology uses digital signals generated by pre-programmed
software and is based on the principle of changing the molecular
structure of carbonates and bicarbonates, which are responsible
for the formation of scales.


Better Hygiene, Cost-Effectiveness,
And Sustainability With Our Innovative E-soft

Creates soft water behavior

No uses salt and chemicals

No require continuous purchase of salt and resins

No presence of toxic sodium residue in water

Not removes healthy, necessary minerals

Removes prior lime and mineral built up

No require weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance

No require continuous purchasing salt

Require Electricity Negligible

Price – Reasonable

30 Years life


Area we Serve

Residential Sector

Hard Water, Tough life. Soft Water, Comfortable Lifestyle.

Hard Water issues, if not resolved fully, can create havoc in our day-to-day life. When it comes to hard water, there are several issues, which do not cause an instant problem, but they culminate over time and have a lasting effect on our body, health and overall lifestyle

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Commercial Sector

Hard Water, Unhygienic Spaces. Soft Water, Hygienic Outlook

Every new establishment, whether a commercial complex, hotel, educational institute, corporate house, hospital etc., looks swanky for 2-3 years. As time progresses, the sheen comes off. One of the critical,

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Industrial Sector

Hard Water, Unsafe Operations. Soft Water, Safer Industry

Industrial soft water refers to water that has undergone a treatment process to reduce its hardness, typically by removing calcium and magnesium ions. This process is important in various industrial applications where water quality can significantly affect equipment, processes, and product quality

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Agriculture Sector

Hard Water, Harder Farm. Soft Water, Stronger Farmer.

In many of our agricultural sectors, the most significant issues are reduced agri production, hard soil texture, inorganic agri production, and more. In a country where our farmers are uneducated and unskilled, if these essential issues are unresolved.

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How is E-Soft works

The technical name of E-Soft is Electro Hydro Enhancer which is used in any hot, cold
or regular water applications. This technology can be applied in various sectors, including
agriculture, residential, commercial, and industries.


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Well manner organised team and best service support staff in both ways online & offline.Very happy & satisfied.....πŸ‘πŸ‘

Saurabh Trivedi

Very good experience with this water softener machine, 100% accurate result.... Very good Product...

Dipaksingh Bhandari

Well manner organised team and best service support staff in both ways online & offline.Very happy & satisfied.....πŸ‘πŸ‘

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