Boost Your Laundry Business With Water Softener

Boost Your Laundry Business With Water Softener: The Benefits of Using Soft Water

The laundry business is a responsible work as people trust you with their precious clothes and one slight mistake can ruin their clothes, and hence they can get disappointed easily. Which results in damage to your business and your reputation in the market. Your goodwill is also decreased if anything Happens to their clothes. Hard Water helps in damaging the clothes due to its harmful and hard Particles. 

How does Hard Water damage your clothes? 

Hard Water contains particles that are Hard in nature and can easily damage your clothes making them rough. Moreover, Hard Water includes particles such as Magnesium and ions which will degrade the quality of the clothes, making it poor in terms of quality. Moreover, Hard Water weakens the clothes making it easy to tear if used for a long time.

The brightness of the clothes are also reduced, making it dull and less appealing. The White clothes are seen yellowish in many cases, if frequently used for a longer time. Similarly, all the colors of the clothes tends to fade easily even if they are new, making them look old and rough. 

How does Hard Water increase your cost? 

Hard Water has many negative impacts but one of the primary negative impacts is that Hard Water makes you incur a lot of expenses and it’s impossible to avoid these expenses as they are interlinked to your business.

Hard Water helps in the corrosion of your pipes, it develops scales on your pipes resulting in reduced lifespan of your Pipes. Moreover, Hard Water requires more soap to form lather and many times Hard Water is not able to remove the dirt from the clothes efficiently. Soap is often left on the Clothes if washed with Hard Water. Hence, more amount of Water a well as efforts are required to wash clothes with Hard Water. 

How Soft Water can help you? 

Soft Water is Soft in nature and hence, its Soft nature helps to keep the clothes like new ones. The Soft Water keeps the cloth’s fabric Soft and Strong, making it long lasting. It doesn’t make the clothes color fade, the bright colors remain bright. There is absence of Yellowish color on White Clothes after washing. Soft Water removes the harmful particles like magnesium and ions so that your clothes can experience gentle wash. 

How can Soft Water save your money? 

Soft Water is not only beneficial for a client’s clothes but also brings many monetary benefits to the table. With Soft Water you can save lots of money. Soft Water doesn’t require much water to wash clothes and it is able to remove dirt easily. No amount of soap is left out on clothes during the procedure of Washing. Moreover, your plumbing cost will be saved as with Soft Water no scales on the pipes will be developed, no corrosion and no reduction in pipe’s lifespan. This way you can save your pipes and client’s clothes too.

The washing machine also gets damaged when Hard Water is used in washing the clothes. Whereas, in Soft Water the washing machine is not damaged and the lifespan of the machine is increased due to Soft Water. 

Why should you choose Digigo Water Softener? 

Digigo E-Soft is the World’s First 5th Generation Water Softener System. E-Soft tends to soften Water electronically rather than using amounts of chemicals or Salt. That means no additional chemicals will be dissolved in the client’s clothes which is quite beneficial for clothe’s life and strength. Moreover, Water is 100% Softened without any droplet of Hard Water left if Digigo E-Soft is installed.

Digigo is eco-friendly too as in the process of Water Softening not a single droplet of Water goes wasted unlike the wastage of Water done by most Water Softeners. Moreover, Digigo E-Soft promises a lifespan of more than 30 years. 

So what are you waiting for? Install Digigo E-Soft and grow your laundry business to several folds.

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