Karnataka Water Crisis

2024 | Water Crisis In Karnataka | How Did This Shortage Occur? 

As you know Water is one of the precious gifts to humanity by nature. But we humans have not been treating this gift properly. We are keen to waste this gift and we are on our way to the end of humanity because of our activities against nature. Karnataka, one of the prominent states of India is facing a major issue of shortage of Water. There is not sufficient water to fulfill the demand. A lot of suffering is being seen due to Water Crisis in Karnataka. 

How did this Water crisis in Karnataka occur?

During the last monsoon season, the Karnataka State received 18% less rainfall. The numbers have never been so low since 2015. Like most states of India Karnataka receives the most amount of Water from the rain. The hope of Rain after the post Monsoon season was also destroyed as there was no sign of rain and not a single drop was received from the sky. So, there is an expectation of water crisis in Karnataka State. Many states were thinking of receiving Water in the form of Rain after the monsoon season but didn’t get Water. 

Water Crisis in Karnataka

Another reason for the Water Crisis in Karnataka is the reduction in groundwater level. The groundwater in the State of Karnataka and cities like Benguluru have been reduced rapidly. Which has resulted in a requirement of more water. Imagine a condition where there is no rain and decreasing groundwater, seems a chaos, doesn’t it? The usage has led to the lakes getting dried up resulting in scarcity of Water. 

You know there is a Shortage of 500 million liters of water in the current situation in Karnataka. This is a huge number and this is the daily requirement of people living there. 500 Million liters shortage and not just one day everyday. Can you live in this situation of Water Shortage in Karnataka? We hope you don’t have to. People there are crying for the sake of getting just a little drop of Water but still they are not getting a single drop of Water. 

According to Mishra, the Vikram Sarabhai Chair professor at IIT Gandhinagar, “South India has a very different kind of aquifer system. It is very rocky. The aquifers don’t hold a lot of water. They empty out quickly, and they also get recharged pretty quickly. What this means is that groundwater resources are not able to sustain for very long in the event of a prolonged dry spell. This is very different from the aquifers in north India, which have a much better capacity to hold water. This is why Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, which got even less rainfall last year than Karnataka, have not seen similar water scarcity.” 

Another survey shows that the Karnataka Reservoirs have been 26% of the full capacity which was determined to be ten percent more at this time of the year. One of the other reasons for the scarcity of Water. Instead of the nearly 8.8 billion cubic meters of water that is expected in Karnataka’s reservoirs at this time of the year, only 6.5 billion cubic meters is currently available. This shows that there are gonna be turf times for Karnataka as the scarcity is going to rise in the near future. 

According to the data reports of KSPCB (Karnataka State Pollution Control Board), there is not a single drop of water drinkable from the river. No amount of water present in the river can be consumed, this statement has created havoc in the whole state. 

As Bengaluru is facing one of its worst summers, water experts are insisting that the State Government hike the rate of water supplied by the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB). They say that there should not be any hike for a minimum of 8,000 litres and that the tariff is hiked steeply beyond that. They argue that the water tariff hike will push consumers to use water judiciously and to look towards water conservation measures like rainwater harvesting (RWH), which is not satisfactory in the Garden City. 

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