Different Types of Water Treatment Technology in Industry

How Different Water Treatment Technology Is Used In The Industries

What is an Industrial Water Treatment System? 

An industrial Water Treatment System is a system which is used to treat the Hard Water in industries and make it usable for production and for other works such as consumption and disposal. This system is used in every industry irrespective of what their work is and what they produce because every production requires Water to carry out processes. There various ways to treat water in industries such as: 

  • Raw Water Treatment Systems 
  • Boiler Feed Water Treatment Systems 
  • Cooling Tower Water Treatment Systems 
  • WasteWater Treatment Systems 

What is a Raw Water Treatment System? 

Raw water treatment System is usually used for industries because it is essential to make sure your raw water is a fine product in an efficient manner. The appropriate raw water treatment plant design will help the facility to avoid high-priced plants for future loss. The good design can also help to avoid the tricky issues and costly renovation fees. It is used to treat the flow of Raw Water into usable Water. 

What are Boiler Feed Water Treatment Systems? 

Boiler water treatment system is used to control alkalinity, prevent scaling, correct pH, and to control conductivity. The boiler water needs to be alkaline and not acidic, so that it does not ruin the tubes. There can be too much conductivity in the feed water when there are too many dissolved solids. 

What is a Cooling Tower Water Treatment System? 

Cooling tower water treatment involves using select filtration technologies and chemical products in order to remove toxic or otherwise damaging impurities from your cooling tower system. 

What is Wastewater Treatment System? 

Wastewater Treatment System is used to convert Water into usable form and hence, reduce the Wastage of Water. The most appropriate wastewater treatment system will help the facility avoid harming the environment, human health, and a facility’s equipment, process or products. It will also help the facility curb heavy fines and possible legal action if wastewater is being improperly discharged to either the environment or publicly owned treatment works. The relative complexity of a wastewater treatment system will depend heavily upon the compliance regulations impacting your plant and the composition of your waste stream. 

What Would happen if untreated Water is used? 

It is necessary to treat water before using it because untreated water can disrupt industrial processes. A high level of mineral content in water, for example, may create unwanted problems such as streaking and spotting during the application of industrial coatings. Minerals can build up on the components of industrial boiler equipment too, causing scaling. 

What is Digigo E-Soft? 

Digigo E-Soft is a revolution in the Water Softener industry. E-Soft is mastered in converting Hard Water into Soft Water. Moreover, in the conversion of Soft Water a lot of Water is wasted and disposed of in the environment which causes various forms of pollution such as, Water pollution, Air Pollution, land Pollution and other forms of pollution too. But with Digigo E-Soft, the water is converted electronically and fully without wasting a single droplet of Water. Made in India, Made by Indians. 

How is Digigo E-Soft better than all these systems for industries? 

Digigo E-Soft is free from the usage of chemicals which can be dangerous for your health as well as your appliance’s life. Moreover, it doesn’t require any Salt for conversion of Water.E-Soft helps to save a lot of energy as the Soft Water from Water Softener System is easily utilized in work tasks and other objectives as compared to Hard Water. Every production requires Water which is suitable and Soft Water is the best suited for your production. E-Soft does not promote any type of scale or corrosion, so that your appliances can work smoothly without any disruptions. Digigo E-Soft Made in India, Made by Indians.

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