How to choose best water softener for home

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Hard Water Softener for Home

For centuries, people relied on natural water sources like wells, rivers, and lakes for their daily water needs. These sources had generally clean and safe water to consume directly. Because this water contained less amount of hard minerals. 

However, as years by years, the population grew and industrialization led, these natural water sources became polluted by chemicals and higher levels of dissolved minerals in the water. Suddenly, the water we used for drinking, cooking, bathing, and cleaning was no longer as pure as before. Hence the need for water softener for home emerged.

Hard Water Damage to Our Homes:

Today, municipal water systems treat water to remove many polluting substances before they reach our homes. But this treatment is not enough to remove all dissolved minerals that cause water to be “hard.” Hard water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium that can create issues in every household. These issues are majorly affecting our health, grooming, plumbing and water using appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, geysers, etc. 


Our health starts with the kitchen because “we become what we consume”. Firstly it starts from drinking water. We are consuming hard minerals directly without any mineral filtration. Installing a water softener for home can help filter out these minerals. Then washing vegetables and fruits, cooking, and at the end dish washing with softened water. If water plays this much important role in the kitchen, then think how much it can affect our health if the water itself is not safe? A quality water softener for your home provides safe, mineral-free water for all your household needs.

Hygiene and Cleaning: 

Have you ever thought before choosing the right bathing soap and shampoo? Then why the water is not bothering you which is the most essential of all? 

Not only this, the clothes you are wearing, the washrooms you are using, the showers, taps and what not! You are being attacked by hard water from every corner of your home. To combat the stains, soap scum, and scale buildup caused by hard water in your bathroom, a hard water softener can transform regular hard tap water into softened water, leaving your tubs, tiles, and fixtures cleaner and easier to maintain.

Water Using Appliances: 

Hard minerals make the water sticky. Hence the water minerals stick to the pipes and the parts of the appliances. Hard water minerals clog the pipes and kill the plumbing with corrosion. It damages the efficiency of the machines and eventually, they start consuming more energy and electricity. 

Hard water softener for your washing machine can significantly reduce mineral buildup and improve cleaning performance by allowing detergents to be more effective. Even after consuming too much energy and repairing costs, they don’t give effective results. 

Geysers using soft water automatically get longer life because E-Soft keeps the heating tanks cleaner from inside and saves energy.

Factors to be Considered while Choosing Water Softener for Home

Water Hardness Level: 

The first step in choosing the right hard water softener for home is to determine just how hard your water is. Water hardness refers to the amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals and is measured in grains per gallon (GPG). 

Understanding your exact GPG hardness level is important because it determines the capacity required for your water softener system. Higher hardness levels mean more mineral removal is needed. 

There are a few ways to test your water hardness level at home: 

  1. DIY Water Test Strips – Inexpensive test strips allow you to dip a small sample of your water and visually analyze the colour change to estimate hardness on a basic scale. 
  2. Professional Testing – Many water softening treatment companies offer free in-home water testing services to precisely measure hardness levels and other factors affecting your water quality. 

Size of Home: 

The size of your home is another key factor that impacts what type and capacity of water softener you will need. Larger homes with more bathrooms, appliances, and occupants will require a system that can handle greater water demands. Having an undersized tank for the water demands of your home will lead to reduced effectiveness. 


Budget is always an important aspect to be considered when making any major home purchase or upgrade. Water softener for home can range widely in price based on the type, size, and features. Beyond just the upfront machinery costs, some ongoing operational expenses affect your budget planning like salt or potassium pallets, electricity usage or maintenance. When considering budget, it’s wise to look at long-term cost savings. Softened water helps appliances last longer, lowers detergent costs, and even reduces costly plumbing repairs. 

Efficiency of Water Softener: 

Digigo Water Softener for Home efficiency relates to how well the system removes the hardness of minerals while minimizing water usage. More efficient models save you money over time. Higher efficiency equals lower operating costs for the lifetime of the softener. 


Proper maintenance is essential for ensuring your water softener operates at peak performance for many years. Many softeners demand salt or potassium monitoring, filter changes, periodical cleaning, resin recharge, or professional servicing. These maintaining functions consume your time, money and most important your comfort and peace. 

Which Water Softener is Best for Home?

You must be thinking now that it is too much complicated to choose the right water softener according to your needs and budget without compromising on quality and efficiency. Yes, we agree on this. That is why we have been working tirelessly for years to find the right water treatment solution that can match your needs. 

After doing 7 years of research and development we have found the right solution. You must be thinking how can we say this out of this confidence? 

Digigo Water Softener for Home only one in the globe who has cracked the hard water code with the highest efficiency of 100%. E-Soft is invented, manufactured and launched by DIGIGO; truly Made-in-India. The scientific name of E-Soft is Electro Hydro Enhancer. This water softener works on the principle of low-frequency electronic pulses. To know the invention, development and technology behind E-Soft read our blog [link]. 

Let’s find out how we solve the diverse hard water problems with just one water softening system. 

Advantages of E-Soft Water Softener For Home: 

  1. E-Soft Water Softener for Home breaks down the bigger size hard minerals into microns so that the particles of minerals do not stick inside the pipes. Not only that E-Soft is the only water softener that clears the existing scale buildup from pipes and keeps the plumbing system always clean and flowing. 
  2. Electric and gas geysers are the most sensible appliances for homes because they are the most destroyed by hard water. By cleaning the heating and cooling appliances from the inside E-Soft water softener saves money, energy and electricity. 
  3. Soft water dissolves easily with soap creating better foaming. Eventually, the cleaning process becomes easy and effective. You save 50% on cleaning agents like soap, detergent, acid or dish washing liquids. You achieve the best hygiene and cleanliness because soft water leaves no stains on surface after mopping, no water spots on dishes after washing and no detergent stiffness after drying clothes. 
  4. No more dirty bacterial bathrooms and toilets! E-Soft removes algae and yellow stains caused by hard water from tiles and toilets. It saves you time and effort in cleaning and maintaining hygiene. 
  5. Hardness of water sticks to the scalp and damages hair follicles; which results in hair damage and hair fall. Apart from that, washing clothes and bathing with hard water may also cause skin problems. Installing E-Soft water softener for your shower can result in softer skin and hair, reduced soap, shampoo and oil usage, and easier cleanup of soap scum and mineral deposits from your shower heads and taps.
  6. Using E-Soft Whole house water softener can save cooking fuel. Food cooked with soft water takes less time and fuel. This helps you cook healthy and tasty meals faster. 
  7. Is your home garden wilting and diseased? Then you need an E-Soft water softener. Soft water keeps plant roots healthy and strong, helping plants grow better. This reduces the need for pesticides and fertilizers. It also increases greenery in plants and saves 50% water usage.

Invest in Comfortable Home

Investing in a quality water softener is a smart decision. While there are many options on the market, E-Soft stands out as a highly efficient and low-maintenance solution developed right here in India. By following the key factors outlined – like assessing water hardness, home size, budget, and maintenance needs – you can find the perfect water softening system for your household. Take control of your home’s water quality today with E-Soft. Make the switch for a healthier comfortable home.

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