Benefits of Commercial Water Softener : The Ideal Choice for Small Businesses

Digigo E-Soft Commercial Water Softener

Digigo is India’s first ethnic water softener system, it converts hard water into soft water, developing its quality and making it better, Digigo E-Soft provides numerous benefits. We are proud to say that we are Made in India. We work in four sectors namely Agriculture, Commercial, Industrial and Residential sector. This was a little brief about who we are. Now let us tell you why Digigo E-Soft is best Commercial Water Softener. 

Digigo E-Soft can give you several benefits commercially, like it can save your plumbing costs, How? You ask? Hard water can destroy your pipes, creates problems like water choking, water logging, and many more. Moreover, it can vanish the quality of your pipes that is where Digigo will help you. It will convert your hard water into soft water like a piece of cake so that your pipe remains healthy. It will also reduce the need for harsh chemicals and detergents. Saving your extra cost. Reduction in usage of chemicals and detergents can also be extra beneficial if you are in hospitality or medical services. 

How will it benefit restaurants and cafes? 

Digigo Commercial Water Softener will convert the water into soft water which will be safe and contain minerals. The water used for Dish washing or making food will not be harmful but will be beneficial, making your commercial quite reputable, if you use better quality of water which can prevent diseases from occurring. That means an increase in hygiene.  In cleaning also, the soft water will show better results in cleaning utensils as well as floors. 

How will school benefitted? 

Schools will be benefited a lot with the installation of commercial water softener system Esoft as the students will get to drink clean, fresh Soft Water which will be beneficial for their health rather than drinking mineral less RO Water. 

How will Hospitals benefit? 

Soft Water has been found more effective in the cleaning procedures. In hospitals it is necessary to maintain cleanliness, for that E-Soft Commercial Water Softener can act as your partner. The soft water will clean properly as well as maintain hygiene. That means the indirect help to cure patients or to save them from getting disease caused by others. 

How will it benefit laundry? 

Hard water can degrade the quality as well as the condition of clothes. Water from our product will soften the water making it suitable for your lovely outfits. Laundry Market is highly benefited by water Softener as it maintains the quality of clothes, extends their lifespan, takes care of linen of clothes and many more. It also saves a lot of money as less detergent will be required, less energy, less chemicals for clothes, which will save a fortune. Soap scums will be less and mineral deposits on sinks will be reduced too. Moreover, the lifespan of washing machines will be increased as the scale formation due to Hard Water will be stopped, resulting in better usage of machinery. 

How can NGOs be benefitted? 

NGOs are non-profitable organizations which work for communities. But they require some costs to maintain the place. With the installation of E-Soft commercial soft water systems, the costs will be reduced rapidly. The Soft Water used for cleaning will give effective results and the Soft Water used for cooking will make the food more tastier. The plumbing cost as well as plumbing problems will be reduced due to Soft Water. The heating cost will also be reduced as the Soft Water is easily heated and also preferable compared to Hard Water. 

So, are you convinced to use Digigo E-Soft? Or Do we need to say more?

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