Saving, Sustaniblity, Soft Water with Agriculture water softener

The Triple S with E-Soft: Savings, Sustainability, and Soft Water

DIGIGO is an Indian electronics company that has worked for over 7 years to develop innovative water softeners and filters for hard water treatment made-in-India. Leveraging the expertise of top Indian engineering talent, DIGIGO set up an R&D division to study pioneering international water softening technologies, identify potential gaps and conceptualize context-appropriate electronic water softeners.

This extensive research along with complete in-house production control has enabled DIGIGO to achieve Japanese quality benchmarks for made-in-India soft water solutions. Committed to bringing a revolution in intelligent water softening tailored for Indian requirements, DIGIGO is emerging as a global Indian corporation – with nationwide service centers and an expanding portfolio of useful soft water and hard water treatment offerings designed for diverse sectors.

The most recent outcome of DIGIGO’s relentless efforts is E-Soft – the world’s most technologically advanced electronic water softener and eco-friendly hard water softener. Years of scientific study on water systems DIGIGO led to the engineering of an electronic water softening system that effectively breaks down the bigger size minerals into microns and eliminates scale formation from hard water. E-Soft’s benefits span across agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial settings. With E-Soft intelligent water softener, DIGIGO aims to drive India’s green water revolution.

Triple S with E-Soft Water Softeners: Soft Water, Savings and Sustainability


The economic benefits of installing advanced water softener E-Soft across agricultural, residential, commercial as well as industrial settings – making it a financially wise decision.

In agriculture, E-Soft water softener breaks down the bigger size mineral content to the level of microns in water to provide essential nutrients like oxygen, nitrogen, calcium and magnesium directly to the roots of the plants. This lowers the need for external pesticides and insecticides. It also reduces irrigation system maintenance costs. Crops get better nutrition through water, improving quality and yield. This results in increased farmer incomes by 50%.

E-Soft water softener for home reduces the use of cleaning agents by up to 70% as water flows scale-free and easily creates foam. It also prevents scale build-up in appliances and pipes. This saves money spent on fixing damages due to hard water deposits over time.

Commercial places also save money by installing E-Soft. It lowers the need for descaling chemicals. It also reduces expenses to repair or replace equipment that uses hard water. This is because E-Soft prevents scale build-up. Daily cleaning cospesticidests also fall.

Industries also save a lot with E-Soft hard water softener. It reduces energy bills, operating expenses and machine maintenance costs significantly by providing softened water. This is because E-Soft prevents scale formation. So industrial systems become more efficient.

It is clear that E-Soft saves money across sectors – be it farms, apartments, hotels, hospitals or factories – while tackling their hard water problems.


E-Soft enables sustainability through eco-friendly design made for India.

In agriculture, E-Soft stops the need for harmful pesticides by providing nutrients through water. This reduces air and land pollution. As an electronic water softener, E-Soft treats minerals within the water flow, preventing water wastage.

In homes, E-Soft improves the efficiency of water appliances by preventing hard water scale. This saves water and electricity.

Similarly in commercial and industrial places, E-Soft increases the lifespan of systems using by stopping scale. This cuts natural resource usage and carbon footprint due to fewer replacements.

By supplying softened water, E-Soft tackles water scarcity, pollution and climate change effectively. 

Soft Water Comfort

Specialized water softener E-Soft greatly improves the quality of life by changing the water composition entering farms, homes, institutions and industries.

E-Soft water softener enables longer gaps between two waterings in agriculture, easing farmer labour.

E-Soft water softener for homes reduces time and effort in cleaning and gives brighter, stain-free tiles, taps, kitchens and bathrooms. Soft water is also gentle on the skin and hair.

In hospitals, hotels, schools etc., E-Soft gives enhanced cleanliness, hygiene and scale prevention through soft water – which is vital for health and trust.

Industrial units also improve functioning and output quality as E-Soft prevents machinery pipes, cooling towers and boilers from scaling by suitably softening hard water.

Difference Between E-Soft and Other Water Softeners:

ParametersInternational ConditionerNational ConditionerE-Soft Electro Enhancer
Power 👉2000 TDS2000 TDS5000 TDS
Technology👉Impulse TechnologyImpulse TechnologyRFM+SM+EC
Result👉Taste doesn’t changeTaste doesn’t changeTaste Changes 10-15%
Life Duration👉20 Years10 Years30 Years
Quality of Raw Material👉StandardLocalStandard
Price👉Too HighLowMedium

E-Soft has succeeded in achieving a comfortable lifestyle for human beings in all sectors. Here we have simplified the difference between the most advanced, world’s no.1, 5th generation hard water treatment: E-Soft (Made-in-India) and the other water softening treatments by different parameters.

DIGIGO’s innovative electronic water softener E-Soft brings triple benefits – savings across sectors through reduced operating costs; sustainability via lowered pollution and resource use; and lifestyle comfort with scale-free water. Built specifically for Indian conditions using global expertise and local R&D, E-Soft effectively tackles hard water issues in farms, homes, institutions, hospitals and industries through advanced technology that conditions water by breaking down minerals. Compared to available alternatives, data shows E-Soft excels on key parameters including power, longevity, quality and affordability. Thereby, E-Soft establishes India’s capabilities in green innovation.

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